Blackjack! Android App by Super Lucky Casino Experiences and Reviews

By Super Lucky Casino

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Play Online or Offline LIVE tournaments! Authentic free Android Blackjack Games – Blackjack 21 FREE can’t be beat! Play TODAY’s best Blackjack Twentyone card game! This free application for blackjack games is intended for adult audiences and does not provide gaming for real money.

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11 thoughts on “Blackjack! Android App by Super Lucky Casino Experiences and Reviews”

  1. Mathilde Bahringer IV

    I have been playing with Blackjack by Super Lucky Casino for weeks and I think this app has pretty much set up the realistic table betting and betting strategy. It teaches you how to play with the card count and is excellent for playing split deals.

  2. This Blackjack App is the best in the App store. I wish it had basic rules like like ‘knock out and then go for it’ to help beginners learn the mechanics of blackjack. But all in all, very realistic.

  3. Miss Glenda Auer DDS

    I have been playing with Blackjack by Super Lucky Casino for quite some time now. And I think I’ve found a winner. Wish me luck!

  4. I don’t enjoy playing Blackjack by Super Lucky Casino, but I enjoy this app well enough to not listen to every casino ad.

  5. Jeanie Sawayn II

    This Blackjack App is really fun to play, but wish the dealer doesn’t have a better hand at the end of the hand. I lose about 90% of the time even when I hit 19.

  6. Glennie Carroll DDS

    This Blackjack App is the best for those who want to play. The game is also very fun, and gives you lots of advice. The only issue I have is that the computer-generated blackjack is not based on the mathematical properties of the cards. For instance, the computer chooses what it calls the “Q-Factor” for the ace on 9, the dealer has the same choice but chooses the other number. The outcome of a higher number winning is not as expected as you might expect, but there’s no way it will happen by chance. Please fix this, otherwise this is the best one out there.

  7. Dr. Soledad Schamberger

    I’m not a mathematician, but I’d say that this is a bit too much like a casino. Don’t know where it actually got the bj concept, but I’ve played this blackjack with a dealer as well. A list of 20 or 21 seems to be less than a show to me. Not only do the dealer get 20’s at a similar rate to me, but they also tend to win against my 22-6. I have 5 cards that I draw, that get 21s, you have 15.

  8. Dr. Brennon Ortiz

    That Blackjack by Super Lucky Casino app is a lot of fun, I wish I could play that often, I don’t know how. I wish they made it more realistic, but that’s not the reason to get this app. Their Blackjack app is just a game for money. For that reason alone I will not be a super lucky blackjack casino.

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