Real Money Roulette for iPhone – Superior Apps only

The iPhone is one of the most popular phones on the market. It is only natural that when online casinos starting developing apps that worked with smartphones this was one of the first platforms they looked at. A variety of real money casino games can be played directly on your iPhone or iPad by simply downloading an app. For example at SlotoCash Casino where you can enjoy the very best Roulette games with all smartphones and tablets! Click here to take a closer look at SlotoCash Casino.

Roulette is one of the oldest and most popular casino games in the world. There are a few different versions of the game including American Roulette and European Roulette. Due to its wide popularity, Roulette was one of the first apps developed for iPhones. You can play real money iPhone Roulette games at a variety of mobile casinos. This article will focus on the mobile sites to play real money roulette games on your iPhone.

Best iPhone Roulette Casinos for US players

There are hundreds of iPhone Roulette apps available in your iTunes store. Many of these apps are for play money games. You even have to pay money for some of these apps. We have a list of the top 2 sites that offer your real money roulette apps for your iPhone. These apps are completely free. Once you download the app to your iPhone you will be able to play real money roulette games and win real money right on your phone.

SlotoCash Casino – As outlined above, this is our number one choice for all US players that are looking for a reliable iPhone Roulette. To be honest, there’s no real reason why you should not sign up with them. But if you want to look for another casino you can try this one:

Clubworld Casinos – This is another great casino with a great track record dating back to 2005. It was also one of the first to get their RTG casino mobile friendly. Now in 2020 we can say that their mission is accomplished and we can experience high class Roulette games with our iPhones. You can start with this excellent casino here!

How does Roulette on iPhone Work?

No matter whether you like placing high risk high paying bets on roulette games or playing safe and placing your chips on the low risk betting opportunities, that is what you are free to do when playing roulette on an iPhone.

When you download a casino app onto your device you can then simply launch the roulette game, tap on the chip values to select on you are happy to play for and then tap onto your iPhone screen to place your bets.

Thanks to some highly advanced and high definition graphics you can clearly see the ball in play at all times and thanks to a zoom animation you are always going to know in just which ball well the ball has landed!

Are iPhone Roulette Games Different from PC Games?

If you own and iPhone then you know that it works a little bit differently than your home computer. You control your iPhone with touch screen controls. Tapping on the screen and swiping the screen are common things we do to navigate our iPhones. This is no different with playing roulette on your iPhone. You will use your touch screen controls to place your bets and spin the wheel.

It is very simple, and iPhone users will have no problems adjusting to playing on their phones. The sites that we listed above also have roulette apps for your iPad. Sign up at one or both of these sites today and start playing real money roulette games anytime you want.

Roulette is a casino game that was created centuries ago, but still remains one of the most popular ones among casino lovers. Technology has only made it easier and better. Players from all over the world can enjoy this game using their IPhone device, there are many apps available and we have listed the ones that we believe offer the best player experience. The following three apps are the most popular IPhone Poker real money apps 2020 available:

  1. Temple Nile Casino
  2. Play Amo Casino
  3. Play Frank Casino

Play the very best Roulette Games with your iPhone here:

All the Roulette games for your iPhone

888 iPhone Roulette Games

NameLandscape or potrait?Min and max betLive Dealer or RNG?Game Developer
European RouletteLandscape1-2000RNGSection8 Studio
Super Stakes RouletteLandscape5-200000RNGSection8 Studio
Low Stakes RouletteLandscape0.5-300RNGSection8 Studio
American RouletteLandscape1-2000RNGSection8 Studio
High Limit European RouletteLandscape5-2000RNGSection8 Studio
French RouletteLandscape1-2000RNGSection8 Studio
High Limit American RouletteLandscape5-2000RNGSection8 Studio
888 Live RouletteBoth1-5000LiveEvolution Gaming
Live Lightning RouletteBoth0.5-3000LiveEvolution Gaming
Live Immersive RouletteBoth1-3000LiveEvolution Gaming
Live Ruby RouletteBoth10-10000LiveEvolution Gaming
Live Auto RouletteBoth0.5-5000LiveEvolution Gaming

LeoVegas Casino iPhone Roulette Games

NameLandscape or potrait?Min and max betLive Dealer or RNG?Game Developer
Relax - RouletteBoth1-5000RNGRelax Gaming
LeoVegas RouletteLandscape0.1-1000RNGEvolution Gaming
Red Tiger RouletteLandscape1-1000RNGRed Tiger
Gamevy - RouletteLandscape1-?RNGGameVy
Realistic RouletteBoth0.2-400RNGRealistic Games
NetEnt RouletteLandscape1-500RNGNET Entertainment
European RoulettePortrait0.2-200RNGRealistic Games
100 to 1 RouletteLandscape0.1-10,000RNGSG Digital
European Roulette ProLandscape1-100RNGUnknown
Betsoft European RouletteLandscape3-500RNGBetsoft Gaming
European Roulette GoldLandscape2-80RNGUnknown
Double Ball GoldLandscape0.1-50RNGFelt
Roulette DiamondPortrait1-50RNG1x2 Games
LeoVegas Live RouletteBoth0.5-5000LiveEvolution Gaming
Live Lightning RouletteBoth0.2-5000LiveEvolution Gaming
Blaze Live RouletteBoth0.2-250LiveAuthentic Gaming
Auto Roulette Classic 1, 2Both0.2-50LiveAuthentic Gaming
LeoVegas RouletteBoth0.1-1000LiveFirst Person Gaming
Speed Car RouletteBoth0.1-500LiveEvolution Gaming
Leo Roulette ShowBoth0.5-5000LiveEvolution Gaming
Live Roulette Foxwoods CasinoBoth1-250LiveAuthentic Gaming
Live Roulette Royal CasinoBoth1-250LiveAuthentic Gaming
Live Speed Roulette Both0.5-5000LiveEvolution Gaming
Shangri La Live Roulette Both0.5-2000LiveEvolution Gaming
Live Roulette Room Casino InternationalBoth0.5-250LiveAuthentic Gaming
Turbo Roulette Casino InternationalBoth0.5-100LiveAuthentic Gaming
Live VIP Roulette Landscape1-4500LiveNet Entertainment
Live Roulette Oracle CasinoBoth0.5-50LivePortomaso Gaming
Live Roulette Platinum CasinoBoth0.5-50LiveAuthentic Gaming
Live Roulette St. Vincent CasinoBoth0.5-100LiveAuthentic Gaming
Immersive RouletteBoth1-5000LiveEvolution Gaming
Grand Casino RouletteLandscape1-5000LiveEvolution Gaming
Interactive Roulette Casino InternationalBoth0.5-100LiveAuthentic Gaming
Live Roulette ProLandscape5-9000LiveNetent
Live Roulette Hippodrome CasinoBoth1-20000LiveEvolution Gaming
London Live RouletteBoth2-10000LiveEvolution Gaming
Live Double Ball RouletteBoth0.25-800LiveEvolution Gaming
Car Live RouletteBoth0.1-500LiveEvolution Gaming
LeoVegas Live Car RouletteBoth0.5-250LiveAuthentic Gaming
Auto Roulette Live Speed 1, 2Both0.2-50LiveAuthentic Gaming
Resort Atlantic City RouletteBoth0.5-2000LiveEvolution Gaming
Live Roulette Aspers CasinoBoth1-250LiveAuthentic Gaming
Live Roulette Dragonara CasinoBoth0.5-2000LiveEvolution Gaming

Videoslots iPhone Roulette Games

NameLandscape or potrait?Min and max betLive Dealer or RNG?Game Developer
European Roulette MobileLandscape3-500RNGBetsoft Gaming
European Roulette GoldLandscape1-1000RNGMicrogaming
Roulette TouchLandscape1-500RNGNetEnt
Double Ball RouletteLandscape0.1-1000RNGFelt

MrGreen iPhone Roulette Games

NameLandscape or potrait?Min and max betLive Dealer or RNG?Game Developer
Roulette NeoBoth1-5000RNGRelax Gaming
European RoulettePortrait1-2500RNGRed Tiger
Lightning RouletteBoth0.5-10000LiveEvolution Gaming
Premium European RouletteBoth0.1-100RNGPlaytech
Mr Green Live RouletteBoth1-10000LiveEvolution Gaming
American RouletteBoth0.2-10000LiveEvolution Gaming
London RouletteBoth1-10000LiveEvolution Gaming
Live VIP RouletteBoth2-10000LiveEvolution Gaming
Netent Roulette ProBoth0.5-100LiveNetEnt
Realistic RouletteBoth1-4000RNGRealistic Games

iOS Roulette Apps 2020

Roulette is certainly one of the most popular casino games in the world and is in high demand with the iPhone. That’s why there are a lot of Apps for iOS and before you just look blindly in the App Store, you should think about various things and do some research. In the following we present the iOS trends in roulette.

  • Live Roulette App: Live Dealer games are a great match for Roulette and it’s no wonder that this game is in high demand. Above we have listed the live roulette games of selected casinos. Fact is: if you want to play live dealer roulette you don’t need a special app from the App Store, you just have to choose the right casino. Because live games are always with real money and these games should only take place in a licensed casino.
  • Prediction or Simulator App: The dream of every casino player: he follows the numbers from a roulette game, has them evaluated by a super smart software and then gets recommendations what will come next. In theory, this sounds good, but no software, no matter how clever, can bypass chance. That’s why these apps are nothing more than a nice gimmick. Please do not pay a cent for them.
  • Russian Roulette: This variant has of course less to do with Casino Roulette. Nevertheless, there are many who want an app for this and these apps actually exist. How realistic they are is another question but of course it can also be fun in between.

Here’s a decent video about Real money Roulette Apps in general:

Roulette is such a popular casino game that it is obvious that even someone outside of online casinos serves this market. Of course, you can play any version of roulette at any online casino. In the list above you can see how many variants there are. But you also have to accept if someone doesn’t want to play for real money or with a live dealer.

For those players the Roulette – Casino Style App from Rnf Technologies is probably a very good choice. The app is free of charge and not linked to advertising. However, you only have a limited amount of credit to top up when you go broke. Either you uninstall the app and reinstall it or you buy credits. However, the latter is really not recommended, because then you can immediately play roulette with real money.

Simple Roulette Strategies with the iPhone

Roulette strategies are always a hot topic, especially when two worlds collide. Some believe that the future can be predicted based on the past results. And others say that the chances remain the same with every spin, no matter what happened in the past. To make a long story short: the latter is correct.

Whereby it goes with a roulette strategy is therefore clear: you have to find a way to play with as little house advantage as possible and without losing the fun of it. This means, for example, to avoid any form of American Roulette because it is played with two zeros and the payout is miserable for the player. The best way is to play French Roulette.

Then you should be aware that there is always a table limit. This is important because there are strategies like Martingale where you just double when you lose. In theory you can’t lose, but in practice there is a table limit that is reached quickly. After that you can’t bet at all to recover the losses. With Martingale you win small amounts in 90% of the time and in 10% of the cases you go broke for it. So it is a high-risk strategy.

Otherwise there are still various Apps and strategies which include past results to analyze. So it is determined which numbers are hot and which are cold. Often only numbers are suggested which did not show up for a long time. Even some online casinos display this information and publish “hot and cold” numbers. They would not do that if they did not know that this has no value for the player. They merely convey the feeling as if.

Questions and Answers about iPhone Roulette

Is an app download for iPhone Roulette necessary?

Not any more nowadays. This is because the web apps, the applications that run in Safari browsers, have become very good. They leave nothing to be desired and are equivalent to every app. The only difference: In the Web App, games have to be reloaded again and again and by default there is no icon on the Home screen. The loading times are manageable with good Internet connections and a shortcut to the casino site or even to the favorite roulette game can also be made.

Should I play with or without an app?

An app that can be downloaded conveniently from the Apple App Store certainly works easier. But not everyone wants to use up their memory or have the app visible on their home screen. You’re more flexible with the browser versions even if you play at several casinos at the same time.

Is iPhone Roulette better than Android Roulette?

Technically there are hardly any differences between iPhone and Android. Android has also become much more stable as far as the software is concerned. But it is a fact that game manufacturers will always have a focus on iOS. Even Netent as the biggest game developer optimized for the Safari browser and not for Chrome. So you can expect the iPhone to deliver a better gaming experience.

Can I play real money iPhone roulette in Canada?

Yes, Canada is one of the most liberal markets for online casinos. Virtually all payment providers work smoothly there and there are hardly any casinos that exclude Canadian players.

Is it possible to play iPhone Roulette in India?

Although online casino games are banned in India, the laws are not followed. Online casinos that are not closed to the Indian market are not being prosecuted. Therefore India could grow to one of the largest online gambling markets.

Can I trust the iPhone Roulette Casinos on Casinos4Mob?

Our most important benchmark is to recommend only casinos that are very trustworthy and reputable. These are old and established brands like 888 or SpinPalace but also new and big casinos like LeoVegas, Videoslots, Slotsmillion or Casumo.

Can I play iPhone Roulette with Paypal?

It depends on which country you are in, because Paypal is not supported by all countries equally. For Europe there are only a few countries where you can’t make a casino deposit with Paypal. However, you must also choose the right casino. For example, 888 Casino is one that offers Paypal in almost all European markets as well as Canada.

Are iPhone Roulette games fair?

Serious and well licensed casinos do offer 100% fair games. However, there are differences between RNG and live dealer roulette. RNG is the classic online roulette while live dealer roulette is played with a real table and a real dealer. It is not impossible that you will be cheated in any casino. Therefore, we only recommend playing at casinos that are considered safe and reputable.

Is there a bonus for iPhone Roulette games?

Yes, theoretically. However, there are usually at least one of two conditions: 1) You can only fulfill a small percentage of the wagering requirements with Roulette, and 2) You are not allowed to place “risk-free” bets. This is the only way a casino can protect itself from fraud. Usually it simply limits the turnover to 10%, i.e. you can only unlock 10% at roulette tables. With a 100 Euro bonus, for example, you have to bet 3000 Euro. Then you can only contribute 300 Euro with Roulette.

Can I play iPhone Roulette with Paysafecard?

Paysafecard is still a very popular deposit method for new casino players. You will be able to choose Paysafe as your payment method at practically all the casinos we recommend at Casinos4Mob.

Which version of Roulette is the easiest to win?

Here is a short and simple answer: European Roulette or French Roulette. Both are equal. You should avoid other roulette variations like American Roulette or Mini Roulette.

How can you win real money at iPhone Roulette?

The recipe is simple: find a serious online casino with a good iPhone Roulette offering. Play Roulette with an optimal strategy. Go without a bonus. Winnings can then be easily paid out.