When are casino winnings for real?

I wouldn’t claim that the casino industry is fake, but it has to be said that they often work with empty promises. That means that a casino lures with great offers and the offer is actually not so great if you have read the small print. This is nothing new for regular casino players, but for someone who wants to play for real money with their smartphone for the first time, it is. In the following article we look at what problems there can be and when money in the casino is finally real money.

1. The Good Old Bonus

Once you have visited the website of an online casino for the first time, you will notice that a bonus is offered. There is practically no casino today that doesn’t offer a bonus. In some way there is always a bonus. Some offer up to $1500 for free, others up to $100 and some up to 1000 freespins. But what does that really mean? It is pretty easy to realize that the $1500 are certainly not so free. That’s the sum of four deposit bonuses you can get as a new player. $100 is already a much more realistic bonus that you usually get right on the first deposit. And 1000 Freespins are also not just distributed in such a way, but one must already deposit little money to get those.

In short: the bonus is designed so that as many players as possible are willing to make a deposit in the online casino. And for that they lure gladly with promises which they cannot keep.

What you should know is that each bonus is linked to wagering requirements. If you don’t fulfill these, the bonus is practically worthless. A wagering requirement of 30x means that you must have wagered the bonus amount a total of 30 times. 100€ bonus means 3000€ turnover – which is not so little. Only then the bonus turns into real money.

Before this happens, the bonus is practically worthless, you can buy at least nothing for it.

This is especially true for a so-called “No Deposit Bonus”. This requires no deposit and you simply get $10 for instance after the registration. Of course you can’t just pay out the amount now and shop online with it. You can only use it to play. And here the turnover conditions are mostly even higher, e.g. 60x. That means, as long as you have not bet $600, the $10 is nothing more than play money.

You can also abbreviate this topic: every bonus, no matter in which form, is worthless. You can play at the online casino, but certain conditions have to be met before a payout is possible. Only then the bonus is equivalent to real money.

2. Casino Winnings

Assuming you deposit, do not use any bonus but win $1000. You would like to pay out the money right away and buy something special with it. The question is of course: is it always so easy? And does the profit also correspond to real money at the same time?

The answer is mostly, it depends on it. On the one hand on the casino, because here there are quite differences. Some casinos will give you far less headache if you want to cash out a profit than others. Most of all, it depends on whether you are being verified or the process is dragging on. Because only then a payout is possible and the winnings are actually real money.

For example, if you can’t simply pay out more to the original deposit method than you have deposited (e.g. Paysafecard or some credit cards) the winnings are not real either. Only when you have a legitimate payout method with which you can actually pay more out as well as deposit.

Depending on which casino games you prefer. For slots, for example, it is particularly advisable to clarify this in advance and only use a payment method that allows you to make larger payouts. Imagine you win a jackpot and cannot pay it out… In Blackjack, for example, it’s not so dramatic because you rarely win a lot at once.

3. Combination of Bonus and Winnings

As mentioned earlier, bonuses look better than they really are. Worse still, if you’re about to unlock a bonus, the casino can really put constraints on you. Suppose you deposit $100 and get $100 bonus. You play a little and suddenly win $1000 on a slot machine. So far, so good. It’s usually not as if you could just pay out now. On the contrary: the casino can for example claim that you have won the $1000 only with the bonus funds and so it is time to turn the bonus money into real money first. This can mean that you still have to make e.g. $3000 turnover – only then the profit is a profit at all.

Basically you have to remember the following: a casino always interprets the conditions in its favour especially in an emergency. If you use a bonus it is not as if you cannot have only advantages with it. In some cases you may suffer as well. You should therefore consider using a bonus at all. Or at least: Take a casino where you can cancel the bonus at any time.

There are only a few things that are better in life than winning in an online casino. The problem, however, is that winning is not automatically equated with real money. It’s like playing in an offline casino and having a whole bunch of chips. Then you have to be able to bring them to the counter undamaged and convert them into real money. There are many more stumbling blocks online than offline and the bonus can make it much more difficult. Therefore it is all the more important to only choose casinos with fair bonus conditions and read the small print before using one.