Real Money Blackjack On iPad – It’s 21 time!

Blackjack has always been one of the favourite table games among players all around the world. Since the first mobile applications and instant mobile casinos that offer this extremely popular game were introduced, the number of players who decide to play real money blackjack using their iPads is growing drastically.

This iOS device gives the users the opportunity to access the blackjack tables from their homes, from restaurants or parks and place real money bets as long as they have an internet connection. Additionally, the responsive touch screen makes the game-play very easy and the gaming experience more authentic.

As a result, this game, which has an extremely low house edge, is offered in more than one variant in numerous mobile casinos to players who are ready to play for real money on their iPads. If played with the optimal strategy according to the particular blackjack variant, this game not only will be a source of entertainment, but also a place for winning good cash prizes.

Best Casinos for iPad Blackjack for US players

When it comes to finding the right mobile casino you need one that is not only focusing on desktop and mobile. You need a casino that takes tablets seriously – and not many are really doing that. A casino that had a focus on all mobile devices, especially iPhone and iPad is ClubWorld Casino. It’s your best option for iPad games in 2020 when you’re from the US. You can read more about this great casino here in our ClubWorld Casino review!

Pros and Cons of Real Money iPad Blackjack

ipad_blackjackThere are many advantages of playing real money blackjack on your iPad. For example, it is far more practical than being stuck in front of the computer or laptop. Of course, laptops can be moved around; however, they are much heavier than iPads and after short period of time the game will stop being so pleasant. Additionally, playing blackjack using iPad is much more authentic since the player uses his fingers to choose bet amounts, to place bets and then hit, stand or double cards. The sound effects are the same as playing on the PC, whereas the graphics quality usually depends on the particular model of iPad; however, in most cases the graphics is excellent as well as the overall blackjack experience.

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect; therefore, playing iPad blackjack has certain negative aspects. For example, there are some unsafe blackjack applications and users have to be very careful before deciding to make a deposit and give their credit card details. Another problem can be the screen size which is notably smaller than some desktop or laptops monitors; hence players used to large displays can be irritated by playing on iPad. The same can be said for the playing without a mouse, which might be a problem to those used to having it.

Where Can I play Real Money Blackjack Using My iPad?

Playing real money blackjack via iPad is very simple and easy. In the iTunes App Store iPad owners can search for downloadable applications which support the iOS operating system installed on the particular device they have and download the applications to their iPad. Once they have the app, players can open it via the applications menu and start playing right away. Another option for playing real money blackjack using iPad is accessing some of the numerous mobile casinos such as William Hill or Spin Palace that offer instant play mode. These mobile casinos support playing directly from the Safari browser without any difficulties or complex steps. You simply visit the casino, sign-in/sign-up, make a deposit and start placing real money bets.

Basic Blackjack Rules and Modifications

Blackjack, no matter if it is played at a land based casino, online casino or via iPads, has many variants; hence besides the general rules, there are numerous modifications that not only affect the game-play, but also change the house edge.

The basic blackjack rules are those found at Classic Blackjack tables. Classic Blackjack is usually played with a single deck of 52 cards and the main objective is to score 21 points; or at least number of points that is closer to 21 than that of the dealer’s hand. The player competes against the dealer and during the game he can see only one of the dealer’s cards. After two face-up cards are given to the player and one face-up + one face-down card are put in front of the dealer, the player has to decide whether to hit (ask for another card), stand (not change anything), split a pair of cards or double the bet amount. Once the player finishes his hand, if his cards are not over 21 and he automatically loses the game, the dealer plays his hand. At the end, the one who scores a Blackjack or a better hand wins the game. The player can choose to leave the table or start another game session.

However, there are certain modifications that can affect the whole game such as the number of decks or restrictions when it comes to splitting and resplitting cards. For example, there are blackjack variants for iPad that are played with two, four, six or even eight decks of cards. Additionally, some variants allow the player to resplit on any card, whereas others don’t allow resplitting at all. The same can be said for hitting or standing on soft 17 or peeking for a blackjack when it comes to rules that affect the dealer’s actions.

Most Popular iPad Apps 2020

It is no problem today to download a Blackjack from the App Store and play Blackjack. The problem is the following: Not everywhere real money casino games are allowed via official apps and this means that you can mostly only play for play money. The following apps work smoothly and have good ratings, but they don’t allow you to play with real money in the classic way. We still advise you to use a reputable casino like LeoVegas. Even though these casinos do not offer explicit Blackjack apps, their web or progressive web app works smoothly. LeoVegas also offers an iPad app for all their games, not just Blackjack. However, it depends in which country you are sitting if this app is also available in the App Store or not.

But if you just want to gamble a bit with play money and always have an app on demand that only offers Blackjack, then you should do well with the following apps:

Blackjack by TapTapBoom

Currently the number one Blackjack game on the iPad and without any advertising. You can make in-App purchases but no more. The app is free of charge and is also available in different translations if English is not your native language.

*Blackjack from Brainium Studios

Also a very popular blackjack app with very simple graphics and a very simple blackjack game. This app is also free and without advertising. The differences between these two apps are marginal but there is a reason why they are so popular.

Live Dealer Blackjack on the iPad

In the past it was not that easy to play any casino games with your iPad at all. It really took a long time for the casinos to adjust and offer really good games. By really good I mean that the graphics fit, the usability is easy and the games work on a wide range of smartphones. Tablets came later but the move from iPhone Blackjack games to iPad Blackjack was relatively easy. After all, the iPad is much bigger and closer to the classic desktop or laptop gaming experience.

In any case, this will no longer be a problem in 2020. And it’s all the more amazing that it’s mainly the live dealer games that are convincing today. It is now standard for very good mobile casinos to make their live games available on the iPad and to be honest, the gaming experience is incredible. Yes, you have to expect to make a slightly higher bet and you can’t expect to be able to play for $0.1. You have to think that you are basically playing in a real casino environment and apart from “Bet Behind” and similar solutions you are also taking a real seat at the table. And such a table costs the operator and cannot be financed with cent amounts. You also have to keep in mind that Blackjack is one of the fairest casino games and the house advantage is minimal.

There are a few providers that have made a name for themselves with their Live Blackjack iPad offerings and one of them is Evolution Gaming. This provider has focused on live games from the beginning and has not developed anything other than slot machines or the like. Evolution has become an institution and a must for any online casino. They also bring out innovative variants again and again to upgrade the entire live offer.

Similarly popular are the live dealer games from Netent which really do a great job here. Both Netent and Evolution allow certain casinos to offer their own tables which can then be played exclusively in the respective casino. LeoVegas is very far ahead here and offers a lot of different tables, including the popular Party Blackjack where there are usually two dealers and a little more atmosphere comes up.

In fact, if you want to enjoy the maximum casino entertainment today, you have to play live Blackjack with the iPad. It’s really incredible how much fun it can be. Provided, of course, that you choose the right casino with a good selection of tables and that also pays out when you win and is always available should there be any problems.

App for card counting

Yes, there are apps that help you count cards and train players to do so. The question you have to ask yourself, though, is why you should do that anymore. It’s a fact: By card counting in today’s casinos you have no advantage any more no matter if live or online. Live, of course, it is the case that you are immediately noticed with an app and are very likely to be allowed to leave right away. Online there are classical RNG games and the generator is simulating an infinite amount of deck of cards. Either the casino relies on this technology or uses a very high number of simulated decks of cards. The latter is also the strategy in a live casino. Imagine live Dealer Blackjack tables would not be designed for this and you could count cards and have an advantage at home with the help of apps and computers. No way. If you enjoy training your memory then it makes sense to practice card counting. Otherwise you should quickly say goodbye to the thought of having any advantage at the table.

iPad Coaching App

It makes much more sense to use some sort of coaching app that helps you to optimize your strategy. Because one thing is clear: The small house advantage of casinos is only true if you follow the optimal strategy. This makes it all the more important to master them. Basically, you have two options. You download a Blackjack strategy table and look at each hand to see what the recommendation is. Then you play and learn the optimal move at some point.

Alternatively you can download an app like Blackjack Lite 101 and test your strategy in different situations. Who wants to make the effort can do this under a real game but for many this is quite exhausting because you practically play at two tables at the same time. It is therefore advisable to learn playfully with such an app and then put what you have learned into practice. If you are unsure you can use the Coaching App at any time.

Playing Blackjack with friends

Thanks to the latest technology, it is now possible to play Blackjack with your friends. In principle, you have the choice of either betting on a free app where the gaming pleasure is left behind, but you can also play with play money. Or you can bet live dealer blackjack and sit down at a real casino table. The advantage is that you even have a real dealer and thus also casino feeling arises. The only disadvantage is that you actually have to play for real money, otherwise you can’t sit down at a table.

So it’s mainly a question of whether all your friends want to bet real money. Such a Blackjack RNG App which is the classic computer version can also be fun, especially since you can also chat there. But it’s not really a comparison to a good live blackjack table that also works smoothly on the iPad and offers casino entertainment at its best.

Blackjack practice and playing for fun with your iPad

Summary: To become an elite-level master of the game and improve your chances of beating the dealer on a regular basis, blackjack practice is a must. Playing games of blackjack strictly for fun is recommended as a way to learn all about some of the most important blackjack strategies you will use. This article and tutorial will tell you everything that you need to know about blackjack practice and how to play this classic card game for fun. Click here to read more.

No download and no registration iPad blackjack games

No download and no registration blackjack games are a great way to play the game and they are becoming increasingly popular as a result. Many people opt to play blackjack in this way for a multitude of security and safety reasons. No download and no registration blackjack games can be found all over the internet now. This article and tutorial will tell you all that you need to know about playing no download and no registration blackjack games. Click here to read more.

Playing blackjack for real money with your iPad

Blackjack beginners may at first be wary about playing blackjack for real money. After all, there is always going to be some risks involved in gambling on a casino site. But it is the natural step to play blackjack for real money once a player is confident in their skills at the table. Being able to win real money against live dealers is the ultimate test of blackjack skill. Click here to read more.