Real Money Roulette for Android

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games in the world. It has been played the same way for hundreds of years. We know for sure that it was being played the same way as it is played today in 1796 in Paris. The popularity of roulette does not stop with land based casinos. It is one of the most popular online casino games.

Casinos creating apps for mobile phones considered their most popular games first. Most casinos have individual apps for individual games so that players do not have to download a bulky app to their phone. Of course, players can download as many apps from the same casino as they want so that they can play a variety of games. Android is the most popular smart phone and tablet platform in the world. A wide variety of roulette apps have been developed that are compatible with Android phones and tablets. Android owners will have no problems finding real money roulette apps for their phones or tablets.

Best Android Roulette Apps for US players

If you are looking for a real money roulette app for your Android phone or tablet, then we can help you out. We have chosen the best real money Android roulette apps available. These apps are from reputable casinos. You will find a lot of roulette apps in your play store, but these are mostly for play money roulette. If you want to bet and win real money at roulette on your Android then choose one of the casinos below.

ClubWorld Casino – Actually this casino belongs to the top 3 largest casinos that accept players from the US. And once you signed up you will know the reason. Their mobile Roulette games powered by RTG are nothing else than the premier Roulette experience for Android smartphones and tablets. Click here to get started with this popular casino!

SlotoCash Casino – You can start playing with your Android device at this major US casino. They offer a great responsive platform with all major Roulette games. And it is one of the very few US casinos that are absolutely reliable. Click here to start playing Roulette now!

How does Roulette on Android Work?

You will find playing roulette on your Android device much easier than playing on a computer or laptop, for you simply need to select the value of your chips and then tap on the betting layout where you want those chips to be placed.

Simply tapping onto the spin button will release the ball and send it spinning around the wheel. Thanks to the high definition graphics, you are always going to be able to see the ball very clearly and also see in which ball well it has landed.

When playing Android roulette games on an app or via your web browser as soon as you click on the spin button a random number generator then determines in which ball well the ball will land, and as such you are guaranteed of always playing completely fair and random roulette games.

Are Android Roulette Games Different from PC Games?

As we mentioned earlier, roulette games on the computer and roulette games on your Android phone or tablet are pretty much the same. There are a few small differences that no way affect the game play. The main difference is the way you place bets and control spins. This is all done with your mouse when you are playing on your computer. Of course, you do not have a mouse with your Android phone or tablet. You will use your touch screen controls to bet and spin the wheel.

You will just tap the screen to do this. The roulette apps for your Android phone prominently display the betting options and how to place your bets. You will have no problems playing roulette on your Android phone. This game is very fun and quiet addictive.

Best Android Roulette apps available 2020:

Don’t overthink it, Roulette tables at brick and mortar casinos have become a bit of a nightmare, too crowded, impossible to place a bet, it takes forever for the wheel to spin. Forget about all this hazards and play Roulette from your Android device anywhere you please. The following three apps are the most popular Android Roulette real money apps 2020 available.

  1. Betsson Casino
  2. Paddy Power Casino
  3. Casino Luck

Play the very best Android Roulette Games here:

Best free Android Roulette App

In addition to the official and regulated online casinos, there are a number of private providers of roulette apps. Although they cannot offer real money games in the true sense of the word, they do provide a good gaming experience. At least for those who a) can do without advanced live dealer roulette games and b) can do without real money winnings. The Android Roulette Apps work pretty much the same way. You get daily credits to play with. If they are used up you either have to stop or buy credits. The latter is problematic in my opinion because it means that you convert valuable money into actually worthless credits. Of course this is not a bad deal for the app provider and he is happy if you buy credits. But it is not really recommendable. You are then much better advised to deposit in a reputable online casino and have with it the chance to cash in properly.

If you still want to have a simple app that you can just install and play for free, we have a recommendation for you: Roulette Royale. This Android app is free and works exactly as described above. The app also has a multiplayer version with which you can make an appointment with your friends. That’s not bad, of course, because it’s really hard to do that in real online casinos. This Android Roulette app basically offers everything you can expect. However, you have to be prepared for advertising and in-app purchases.

Real Money Roulette Apps: What makes them special?

You can roughly compare Android Roulette games with online casinos in 2004. Everything was still in its infancy and nothing worked really smoothly. Even when good casinos make great efforts to offer the best possible gaming experience, they are always faced with challenges. It is also not easy to cope with all the Android updates and for many developers it is a pain in the a**.

Therefore it makes sense to consider which requirements you can expect from Roulette Apps at all. On the one hand it is only about real money and thus I would like to a) be sure that nothing goes wrong and b) get as much fun as possible for my money. Let’s go through the individual points that are decisive:

  • Usability: It is no joke. Not every Roulette game can be operated as you wish. At least not with all Android devices. Here the variety is so great that app developers are overwhelmed. For example, it happens that some games can only be played in landscape or portrait mode, but not in both. So you have to decide in advance how you want to hold your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Internet connection: Especially live dealer games can reach their limits here, after all, sound and video must also be streamed. On the go that is often a challenge, at home with a stable Wifi only rarely.

But what the good apps have in common and is quite standard today:

  • Mobile payments: You can make a deposit or a withdrawal in the app with as many different methods as possible. In the past it was necessary to log in online at your desktop and make a deposit there. Not anymore.
  • Live Dealer Games: there are a number of live Dealer Roulette games integrated into the app. Providers are mostly leading manufacturers like Evolution Gaming or Netent. But there are also casinos with their own tables.
  • Stability: either you can enter the table and then have no more problems or issues show up before you can place bets. Especially with live dealer roulette this can happen, but then you can not even make a bet. Not ideal, but still better than just being kicked out during the game.
  • Perfect web apps: Not everything has to run on a native app and so web apps are now standard. They work smoothly in your Chrome browser and normally you can also create a shortcut so that you can load the roulette tables with just one touch.

Are roulette analysis apps useful?

You should ask yourself this question if you don’t just want to play roulette for fun, but want to actually make money with it. There are now several apps for this, like the so-called “Roulette Analyzer”. These apps analyze the past results and then give out recommendations “on the basis of statistics”. That sounds very nice in theory. The problem, however, is that the past results do not have the slightest influence on the future. Therefore in principle everything one does with the data is simply meaningless. Even if you apply so many statistics to it or make evaluations. The chances are the same with every spin. The ball has no memory – it doesn’t know that the 25 did not show up for the last 100 times and is slowly due again. So you won’t have any advantage as a player and this kind of apps are a waste of time. Even if the app developers see it differently, of course.