Deposit and withdrawal with your Smartphone

Who wants to play with real money in a casino can not avoid a deposit. The cashout is also important because you want to do something with your winnings after all. But without a deposit nothing happens. All the more important it is to deal with this topic especially because it is not so easy with the smartphone – no matter if iPhone or Android.

The following hurdles have to be overcome when depositing with a smartphone:

  1. What payment method is available to me in a particular online casino?
  2. Which payment method do I use or should I use to play in online casinos?
  3. How can I easily deposit with my smartphone or how do I do it at all?
  4. Can I just cash out again later or are there any problems?

These are the three areas we look at in this guide and once you have read this guide you are guaranteed to be smarter and know how to do it. Because a lot can go wrong when depositing into an online casino and you should avoid that at all costs.

What payment methods?

There are over 100 payment methods used by online casinos. But that doesn’t mean that they are an option at all. On the one hand, not every casino uses every payment method – on the contrary. They usually only work with 5-10 providers. Then some of these methods are not an available at all for certain countries. Many are only focused on specific markets such as Scandinavia, South America, etc. You may not even be able to use them even if you want to.

And then it is not as if you are already registered everywhere or have money there or want to open an account. So we can make it short: only very, very few payment methods are actually available to you.

The “normal” online player usually only has a bank account, a credit card and Paypal. These are the three most common methods available to someone who hasn’t been playing in online casinos for a long time. Anyone who has been playing online casinos for some time will know that all these methods have their catch and there are better providers such as Skrill or Neteller. These work like Paypal but are much better recognized in gambling circles. Bitcoin also works perfectly with online gambling, but is only supported by a few casinos so far. Bitcoin is also something you have to deal with before you can do anything with it.
There are basically two possibilities:

  1. I look at the casinos that support my preferred payment methods.
  2. I select a particular casino and then decide what I deposit with

It is obvious that method 2) becomes more difficult, because you already restrict yourself very much. Especially if it’s a casino that doesn’t care much about offering as many payment methods as possible – that’s when it gets difficult. With method 1) you normally have more success and you should first consider which payment methods come into question for you. Basically there are the following popular options:

Credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express

For US players, it’s the only way while all other players are fortunately open to alternatives. And even if credit cards are rather from the 90s, they still have their raison d’être. That might sound mean, because with such a credit card you have many more possibilities.

The advantage is that the system is proven and tested and supports virtually every online casino in the world credit cards. Maybe not all forms like certain debit cards, American Express, or the like. But those who have a normal Mastercard or Visa will have no problems.

The catch is that you have to entrust your credit card details to an online casino and that doesn’t always leave a pleasant feeling. Of course you should look for a reputable casino and that it will not do any nonsense with it. Nevertheless, you don’t feel safe, especially if it’s not a kind of prepaid card where the loss is limited.

That’s why I recommend: Get yourself a credit card with a limited loss that you have to top up manually. You can then use the credit card without much fear at online casinos, you have 99% of all the casinos in the world at your disposal and you can also very well manage your bankroll – so your capital with which you want to play regularly in casinos.


With Paypal the problem is not that it would be complicated to use or you can be cheated. On the contrary, Paypal is really very secure. But you have trouble finding the right online casino. In the past there were not even a handful of casinos where you could deposit with Paypal. Fortunately, today it looks different and there are almost 100 casinos. And among them are a few very good casinos where you can play without hesitation and very well with your smartphone.

Paypal, however, is not quite cheap and it is possible that the casino charges a fee when you make a withdrawal. You should clarify this in advance and consider in the casino selection.

If you have a Paypal account anyway and find a casino that accepts Paypal and where you would like to deposit, actually nothing speaks against using it. It is without a doubt convenient and simple and since more and more casinos accept Paypal, the casino selection has also become quite neat.

Wire Transfer

It’s not that you make a manual transfer with IBAN, BIC and Co. and then have to wait a few days – no, luckily it doesn’t work that way nowadays. Online casinos use systems like Sofort, Giropay, Klarna, etc. today. No matter how it is called in your country, there is always a so-called “Instant Wire Service”. You will be directed to an interface where you can enter your normal bank login data. Then enter the amount you want to deposit and you’re done. The money will be credited to your account immediately.

Now, of course, you have to be able to trust this service – after all, you enter your sensitive bank details there. You can already trust the big providers here and of course everything is encrypted. So I would trust a provider like Sofort or Klarna more than any online casino…

You have to consider very well whether a bank transfer is an option for you. Because the payee is visible on your statements. If you don’t want your bank account to be associated with an online casino, you may have to find an alternative payment method.


Bitcoin and gambling is actually a perfect match. The problem is, however, that there are currently only a few good online casinos that support Bitcoin and it is not easy as a layman to familiarize themselves with this topic. Because Bitcoin has nothing to do with all established methods at all. It is a decentralized money system. Bitcoin is stored in so-called wallets. There are exchanges with which you can exchange money in Bitcoin – and back. Once you own Bitcoin, you can send it to any Bitcoin address. This transaction is stored in the so-called blockchain and can be traced by anyone. So nobody can claim he didn’t get the Bitcoins at all… That’s why it’s hard for an online casino to cheat.

I would say that if you play more often in an online casino and want to give you a fixed budget, then it is worth buying Bitcoin and managing it via a smartphone suitable wallet. You can then take a casino of your choice, get the address, enter it into your Bitcoin Wallet and the balance will immediately appear on your casino account. It’s that simple – even if it sounds incredibly complicated at first.

What casino payment method is right for me?

Of course, this question is very individual and depends on many fators. However, there are a few types of players that can be summarized.

As a beginner

If you have never played in online casinos before, you will not have accounts with any payment providers that are well suited for casinos, such as Skrill. Therefore such methods aren’t an option for this player. The best way to deposit is by credit card or Paypal. The latter assumes that he finds the right casino that supports Paypal. Both methods do not overtax the beginner during the deposit process. Usually he has already used these methods online and knows them well. The beginner doesn’t want to deal with new methods for long, he is usually overwhelmed at the beginning anyway.

Therefore: credit card and Paypal

As nerd

The opposite of this is the nerd who is either already familiar with new payment methods or has no problem getting used to them. The nerd will probably have the most fun with Bitcoin if he finds a casino that supports Bitcoin and he likes. Bitcoin is perfect for online casinos, especially if you want to play with your smartphone. Depositing is extremely easy, safe and fast. You also don’t have to worry about not being able to cash out big winnings.

Therefore: Bitcoin

As a casino pro

The casino pro is someone who has been playing in online casinos for years and usually sells several thousand euros a month. He tries out many different casinos, always dusts the best promotions and has already made some very high winnings. For him it is important to have a payment method that is supported by every online casino, does not limit him in the amount of payouts and works fast and secure. He doesn’t care if he has to invest half an hour to sign up for the payment method. For him, only an eWallet like Skrill or Neteller comes into question because they are supported everywhere, there are no limits and these ewallets make all poker and casino professionals of this world happy.

Therefore: Skrill and Neteller

As tester

For someone who has never played in an online casino and does not yet know if he feels comfortable playing, a payment method like Paysafecard is well suited. Because he can buy these quickly at the gas station and convert into casino credit. A payout is then however not possible. Here it is only allowed to try out a casino for a short time if you like it at all. For a tester therefore ideal and above all also anonymously. The Paysafecard is accepted only ever more rarely by Casinos and the selection is therefore getting worse. This is mainly due to the high fees that casinos have to pay.

Therefore: Paysafecard

How do I pay with my smartphone?

Basically, a casino deposit with a smartphone works just like a desktop deposit. The challenge, however, is the small display and touch controls in one hand. Many people find it difficult to do this in the beginning. But above all it is a matter of habit. But it also depends on the payment method you choose. Let’s have a look at them in detail:

Credit card deposit with the Smartphone

The credit card works very easily. You just need to have it at hand (or know it by heart). If you don’t, this payment method will fall flat. Your only task is to transfer the numbers correctly from the card to the smartphone and choose the right amount. Nothing more.

Advantages: Very easy to use – you don’t even have to leave the casino screen.
Disadvantages: You must also have the card at hand

Paypal Deposit via Smartphone

Paypal boasts itself of being particularly simple and that’s right. Prerequisite for a payment with the Smartphone is that you either know your access data by heart or have saved it. You will usually be directed from the casino directly to Paypal where you have to enter your access data. If you have saved them e.g. in the Paypal app, this does not mean that they are saved in the browser. Often this is not the case and you must either know or find out your access data.

Advantages: Can work completely without further information
Disadvantages: Possible that you need to know your access data, payment is made via interface and not directly in the casino.

Sofort, Giropay, Klarna and other Instant Wire Services

This payment method works similar to Paypal via an interface within the casino app or casino site. For this it is necessary that you know your bank details exactly. Often it is a problem to find the right bank because some banks have different bank codes. You have to find them out first and can get them directly from your IBAN. Yes, this is really awkward. Especially since you have to know your access data by heart. And of course you have to confirm the transaction via TAN. It’s true: there are much less complicated payment methods and you should only use the instant wire services if there is no other way or you really have everything in your head and just have to type it in.

Advantages: can be very simple when everything is at hand
Disadvantages: Casino as payment recipient directly visible. Possibly cumbersome to impossible to use if access data are missing.

Bitcoin with your Smartphone

Provided you own Bitcoin and have a wallet with an app on your smartphone. Then Bitcoin is one of the easiest things there is. All you have to do is copy the casino’s Bitcoin address and complete the transaction in your wallet app. Often you have saved the data for this. At least this is a good idea if you only have a few Bitcoins there. If you have invested a small fortune in Bitcoin and free access via the app you should think about it again.

Advantages: If you have Bitcoin and a good wallet app it’s an extremely easy, fast and cheap method
Disadvantages: One needs a Wallet App on the Smartphone and must have Bitcoin stored there