How to avoid losses?

Of course, in a casino losing is part of the game. Nobody will be able to prevent losses just like that. But this article is about “unfair” losses, every time the game is not fair and you lose money. The most famous examples are problems with the connection or wrong bets or a casino that openly cheats on you in some way. Both are unpleasant but as we will see only the latter is really avoidable.

How do “unfair” losses occur?

If you bet 10€ on black at roulette and it’s red you will not get the thoughts of having been cheated. But there are cases where you start to doubt. Those shouldn’t be the case when red shows up twice, you bet on black and red shows up again – that’s completely normal.

But basically you don’t always know if the casino is just cheating on you or if you lost “fairly”. The latter is what we want as casino players. You don’t want to be cheated and only lose if that’s the way it should be. Let’s take a look at the most common causes of “unnatural” losses and what you can do about them:

Unfair Game

Online casinos are checked regularly and have to pass on their results to the authorities, but basically there is no perfect system yet that really prevents 100% systematic fraud. This however is most likely implemented by so-called blockchain casinos. There the game processes, the realization of results, etc. are recorded and can be seen by every player. So you can see how the result was determined and if it was fair in your case. The only large casino that already uses this technology and is also well playable with mobile devices is the bitstarz casino which you can take a closer look at here.

However, the problem is usually not with the casinos but with the players themselves. Most players don’t know much about statistics and don’t know how much actual results can differ from the expected results. They think, for example, that it is impossible for a certain color to appear 15 times in a row at roulette. From a statistical point of view, however, this is nothing special and by no means proof that the table has been manipulated in any way.

If you want to be on the safe side, choose a casino like bitstarz where every game is 100% transparent. Who does not want to rely on it should choose at least a renowned casino that is known for fair play or in negative respect has not yet attracted attention. These are casinos like LeoVegas, Videoslots, Casumo, etc. which have a lot to lose if fraud is discovered and which have a portfolio of game developers with a high payout. These are mainly big manufacturers such as Netent, Yggdrasil and Co.


If you play with your smartphone on the go and the Internet hangs once, it is of course not impossible to lose the connection. The question is whether you really have a disadvantage as a player. At any rate, in reliable casinos it is not the case that you are really worse off. So it won’t happen that you make a bet at roulette, lose the connection and the bet is gone regardless of how the game turns out.

There is a time in the game that decides whether a bet is realized or not. If you lose the connection before that time, but have already bet, your bet is still valid even if you want to undo it. Conversely, the same applies: you only place a bet when the connection is already broken. For you it looks like the bet is valid but the casino has not registered it at all. It’s just as if you never bet anything.

Casinos are fair in this respect and must ensure that they cannot be cheated by this method. You can basically only complain about “what would have been”. So if you bet on red, lose the connection before, the bet is not valid, then red comes and you go out empty e.g.

Obvious casino fraud

A casino can of course decide to offer an absolutely fair game, but to cheat the player differently, e.g. by refusing to pay out. This is a very popular tactic as it is simple. Basically, it is up to the casino to decide whether a payout is legal or not. The casino has to fulfill some requirements that the money does not fall into the wrong hands. For example, the identity of the player is sufficiently checked. Dubious casinos then require documents that may not exist at all, do not recognize documents for various reasons or tantalize the player until he no longer has any desire to run for his €48.

The problem for the player is usually that it is difficult to defend against it and it is also not easy to discuss with the licensor. This is why this form of fraud is one of the most popular. If the player complains on social media sites or elsewhere on the Internet, the casino can still claim he did not have the important documents that are necessary to prove the identity. So in principle any casino can talk its way out.

Just here it is important not to blindly simply select a casino or to select a completely new one.

Limiting your losses is particularly important with mobile Casino playing. The chances are not in players favor even with 100% fair conditions – otherwise no Casino would exist at all. In any case, you should consider the three points above to not lose even more than you will lose in the long run anyway. After all, it’s all about having fun playing online casino games with real money and not to waste your money. Therefore, you should really take this topic seriously.