Real Money Slots for iPhone – Best Apps and Casinos 2020

Slot games are the most popular games offer at casinos, and that trend does not change for real money casino games on the iPhone. Casino sites that have created mobile versions of their software have developed many slot game apps. They have developed a variety of apps that include their most popular slot games.

If you have arrived at this page then we are guessing that you are looking for some real money slot games that you can play on your iPhone. You are at the right place. We will review some of the best slot game apps that are currently on the market.

Generally speaking, there are certain casinos that just have a very good slots offering for iPhone users like ClubWorld Casino – one of the largest US friendly casinos in the world. It never hurts to just sign up and check out the many high quality RTG slots. Click here to do so!

Best iPhone Slot Game Apps for US players

Different mobile casinos have different slot games available for players. We have a review of some of our favorite mobile slot games and the sites that you can play these games below:

Glorious Rome – This is a 5 reel, 20 pay line slot game that features bonus rounds and free spins. This Roman Themed slot game is fun to play, and from my experience it is very generous with payouts. The betting starts at just $.05 and goes all the way up to $10 per line. There’s a nice 50/50 gambling feature that allows you to gamble 5 times and really skyrocket your winnings. iPhone and iPad owners can play this online slot at ClubWorld Casino. Click here to proceed!

Tales of Egypt – This fun slot game features a huge progressive jackpot. This is an Africa themed slot game that has 5 reels and 20 pay lines. You will be sitting on the edge of your seat the entire time you are playing this game with all of the extras available. You will enjoy the wilds, free spins, and multiplier bonuses. You can play Tales of Egypt on your iPhone or iPad by opening the app at SlotoCash Casino through clicking this link.

How do iPhone Slots Work?

Many people ask us how they can play real money slot games on their iPhone. It is actually very simple to play slot games on your iPhone. If you have played slot games on your computer then you should have no problems adjusting to playing on your iPhone.

One difference in playing slot games on your computer and your iPhone is the way you spin the reels. As you know, if you are playing slot games on your computer you will control your bets with your mouse. iPhones and iPads do not have a mouse so the betting action will be controlled by tapping and swiping the screen. If you have used your mobile device for a while you will have no problems playing slot games on your device.

Are iPhone Slot Game Apps Different from PC Games?

Many companies have developed iPhone slot game apps that are an exact replica of the slot game that you play on your computer. Of course, you will be dealing with a much smaller screen. The reels will take up the majority of your screen. You will find your controls at the bottom of the screen. This will allow you to control your bet denomination, auto spin settings, and pay lines. Once you have set all of your controls you will just need to click spin. This will begin the spin, and you will be notified if you win.

The small version of the game on the iPhone is a concern for some players. You will not need to worry about this. The app developers have made the apps to where if you click on a certain area it will be increased in size so that you can vividly see it. Your balance, betting amounts, and win notifications are displayed using large text so that you will easily see what is going on.

Best IPhone Slot apps available 2020:

The crazy graphics and themes offered by modern slots attracts more players every day, of course winning the incredible jackpot prizes paid daily is something everyone dreams off. Check the different providers and the recommended IPhone apps we list on our site before deciding where you want to play. The following three apps are the most popular IPhone Slots real money apps 2020 available:

  1. Sloty Casino
  2. Energy Casino
  3. Hyper Casino

Slot Apps vs. Casinos

When it comes to having as much fun as possible on slot machines with your iPhone you have to ask yourself which app or variant is right at all. There are two worlds that collide. On the one hand there are slots apps from private developers that are free of charge, but you pay for them in some other way, e.g. with advertising or in-app purchases. On the other hand, classic online casinos offer “only” their entire games library and not just individual games or slots. These apps cost nothing and are not littered with advertising.

If one wants to play with genuine money naturally only respectable on-line Casinos come into question. The free Apps of private developers may not contain any real money offer and that is also good so. Not for nothing are the right casinos licensed and regularly put through their paces. Dubious apps can theoretically cheat and manipulate very easily and if you come across such a dubious app, you should rather run away.

But if you now assume that you only want to play 100% with virtual money anyway, then these apps are an option and don’t carry any real risk. Then it’s usually the case that you only have one native app, so you have to download it from the App Store and install it. It is then not possible to play via web app in the browser. It is also the case that such an app usually only contains a single slot game or at least very few variants.

You have to imagine it this way: someone who publishes such a slot app has to develop the slot machine himself. This is very complex and time-consuming. An online casino, on the other hand, licenses various slot machines and can thus offer hundreds of them at a stroke without having to develop much yourself. The casino passes this advantage on to its players, who benefit from an enormous selection of games. No private developer in the world can keep up with this.

And the apps of a casino are usually also available in the App Store, although this depends on the legislation in each country. The casino apps are also not always the ones at the top when you are looking for “Slot App” in the store. There one finds evenly mostly those of private developers.

The bottom line is that the apps of good casinos only offer advantages, even if you only want to play with play money. It is also not only the large selection of games. Good casinos then also contain renowned slot machines that are played millions of times each day. And none of these casinos will bother you with advertising or in-app purchases.

FAQ about iPhone Slots

Do you need an app for iPhone slot machines?

No, in my opinion an app is not necessary anymore to enjoy high-quality casino games and slot machines with the iPhone. On the contrary. Apps basically have no advantage anymore and only bind you to individual casinos and slot machines. If you really want to play free, just switch casinos and slot machines within your Safari browser. Of course, you need to know which casinos are designed and optimized for this and which are not. If you trust the casinos that are also listed on Casinos4Mob, you will not have this problem and will not need an app.

Are iPhone Slots Better than Android Slots?

There is no clear winner here. Technically, Android is at least at eye level with the iPhone, even if not every iPhone owner wants to admit it. But what still makes the iPhone unique is the software and the Apple ecosystem you are in. Developers of slot machines are now optimizing for the Safari browser and that’s a big plus for the iPhone. And it shows that the priority is on the iPhone and not on Android.

Can I play iPhone slot machines in Canada?

Yes, Canada is one of the most open gaming markets. You will have absolutely no problem finding a good casino with great iPhone slot machines, using a payment provider of your choice (be it Paypal, Instant Wire Transfers, credit cards…) and then playing at the best slot machines.

Is it possible to play at slot machines with the iPhone in India?

Technically, online gambling is not allowed in India. But it is also not pursued and the majority of casinos accept players from India. Among them also very high-carat casinos so that it is no problem for you to play with the iPhone at slot machines.

Can I trust Casinos4Mob Casinos?

We only work with the largest and most reputable casinos. For example, those who have always paid out their big winnings and have the “hardest to get” licenses.

Is it possible to play iPhone slots with Paypal?

Yes, Paypal has indeed become a very important eWallet for online gambling and is currently only excluded from very few markets. In Europe you can deposit with Paypal in casinos in practically any country, just like in Canada. Surprisingly, Paypal is no longer available in Germany.

Are iPhone slot machines fair?

If you play in a reputable and well licensed casino yes. Slots are not so easy to manipulate if a casino wants them to be. Strictly speaking, the authorities check all real game results and calculate how far away a slot machine is from the theoretical RTP. The best way to play is in casinos with a licence from Malta and the UK – both are the strictest in this respect.

What does a bonus for iPhone slot machines look like?

A bonus is a must for slot machines. Just be aware that you will have to stay a little longer at a particular casino. You also need to read the terms and conditions first, as some casinos exclude certain slots from the bonus. These are usually slot machines with very high RTP which would make the casino minus in the long run.

Are real money iPhone slot machines with Paysafecard possible?

The Paysafecard is supported by virtually all online casinos – so you can use it without any problems. Just be aware that you can’t make a withdrawal. You’ll need another payment method to do this. Big winnings stay at the casino until this is cleared up.

Which slot machine is the easiest to win?

You should look for “RTPs from slot machines” and take out those that have a particularly high value. Also, if you want to win as often as possible, don’t play slots with a jackpot. This is how you make the most winnings in the long run and increase your chances of winning. In addition you should always use a bonus if possible.

Can you win real money with iPhone slot machines?

Of course and a lot indeed. Slots are so attractive because the variance is so great. So you can make very high winnings in a very short time. But you also have to bet real money. There are also offers like “No Deposit Bonus” or “Freespins” but you won’t get rich in the long run. The profits from it are mostly marginal.