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The various smart phones and tablets people use are not only capable of allowing users to listen to music and send and receive e-mails; they have a lot more functions. One of it is playing mobile casino games for real money. Mobile casino gaming is becoming more and more popular. There are plenty of online casinos compatible with various mobile devices and operating systems. Casino fans can play games on the go via their Android tablet, Samsung, HTC, iPhone, iPad and dozens more. When it comes to mobile casino play, there is no better mobile device for it than the iPad.

This mobile tablet that uses iOS operating system from Apple Inc. has wider viewing area and is bigger than some smart phones. It is also portable and can be taken everywhere. The biggest reason why the iPad stands out from the crowd is its quality and functionality. It allows casino players to play real money mobile games that are perfectly displayed and run smoothly.

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iPads and Mobile Casinos

ipad_gameApple’s iPads running on iOS made a boom in the mobile gaming industry including the mobile casino market. Following new trends, online casinos and software providers started creating mobile casino platforms as well as mobile games compatible with the iPad. Playing mobile casino games with iPad may be a bit limited compared to playing casino games on desktop PCs in terms of functionality and game selection, but it offers players fun on the go, something that desktop computers cannot offer.

iPad casinos are mobile casinos designed especially for iPads and iOS. These casinos are safe, legally licensed, offer various gaming products that perfectly scale and fit in the iPad screen resolution, have fair games and software, offer direct and reliable banking directly on the device and have 24/7 customer support service. Playing mobile casino games on iPad is quite fun and thrilling.

What Are App-based and Web-based iPad Games for Real Money?

There are two ways to get access to the real money iPad games on the device- via mobile app or directly on the Safari browser. In other words, there are app-based and web-based iPad games for real cash. The first type requires iPad mobile casino app that can be downloaded and installed from the App store or directly from the iPad online casino site by scanning a QR code or by receiving an SMS activation link. With the app not only you have direct icon of the iPad casino, but you can access the entire game portfolio through it.

The web-based iPad games don’t require any app download; they are accessed the same way as you access online casino games. You visit the iPad-friendly online casino with responsive mobile design (quite often made in HTML5) on the Safari browser and sign up or log in.

Types of Mobile Casino Games with iPad

The following is a general categorization of the real money mobile casino games with iPad:

iPad Slots

The types of iPad slots available for real cash play on the mobile device are classic, video, progressive jackpot and 3D slots. The number of iPad slots is pretty huge and almost all software provides create such slot games. On the iPad players can play Gonzo’s Quest from NetEnt, Mega Moolah or Thunderstruck 2 from Microgaming, a couple of Marvel slots from Playtech like Fantastic 4 and the Incredible Hulk and plenty more. The games on offer depend on the software the iPad casino is using.

iPad Progressive Jackpot Games

These games can be slots, blackjack, roulette or video poker. The term progressive jackpot means that these games have an ever growing jackpot pool that builds over time and can be hit every second. Imagine the excitement when you see slot symbols lining up perfectly to trigger a jackpot winning combination or getting a progressive jackpot hand in blackjack. Regardless of the type, the iPad progressive jackpot games are top favorite mainly because of the multi-millionaire jackpot pools they offer.

iPad Video Poker

Even though there aren’t many video poker games for iPad, most of the all-time video poker favorites are compatible with this mobile device and players can play them with real money. Some of the games include Jacks or Better, All American, Deuces Wild etc. The objective of the games is to get the highest possible ranked hand of five cards.

iPad Table Games

The iPad table games are also popular among iPad casino fans. Roulette, blackjack and baccarat are the all-time favorites that are available at most iPad casinos allowing players on the go to earn some cash while waiting for the bus or during their lunch break. In addition, some of their variants like European Blackjack and American Roulette are also available on the iPad for real money play.

Apple and the iPad FAQ

Apple has sold more than 1 billion iPhones since 2007, but the company needs another hit to sustain momentum.

Wall Street has concentrated primarily on the prospects of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, Huawei Technologies Co Ltd and others for Apple’s high-end iPhone X to outsell lower-priced rivals.

The iPhone is designed and marketed to appeal to the entire “mobile” market, but the fact is that the vast majority of consumers with mobile phones, and especially the younger consumers, don’t have an iPod or any other Apple products.

For eg, a banner ad pops up on the right side of my screen as I write this post on my iPod.

It is possible to count on one hand the number of times I have seen items advertised through the cell phone I carry around in my pocket.

Apple is a Mobile manufacturing company, and also the biggest mobile manufacturer in the world, followed by Samsung and Huawei. But most specifically, for nearly all flagship Android smartphones, Apple has been the only big silicon manufacturer for a year and a half.

Because of the direct support of Google and Microsoft, Android and Windows remain industry leaders. Although the hardware of Apple is not the best out there it is close enough and it is being continually upgraded. But in that argument, neither of them can match a leader in the CPU space like Intel (INTC). Intel is Apple’s exclusive CPU provider, and as a result, it can get all of the pre-work done with a little helping hand from Google.

The major benefit of Intel is that it is a corporation that is vertically integrated. It manufactures the chips while owning the manufacturing facility. This enables Intel to monitor the whole process, from chip design to production to delivery. This is something on which Google has developed a name, but it is way ahead of Apple.

Do you recall all those leaks that said that Apple was going to place an Intel chip on its computers instead of the custom processors made by Apple? Maybe you’d like to go back and check your sources. While they were true, they were in no way part of a “leak” to Apple. When it comes to the latest 5-nanometer CPUs, Apple has everything going its way.

Apple’s signature on-board GPU will feature Intel’s next successor to the 7-nanometer Xeon Scalable cpu, a machine-learning chip called Whiskey Pool. In a very low power envelope, this allows Apple to provide the best efficiency. This will help Apple battle Qualcomm’s (QCOM) chip, which dominates the market for mobile GPUs. Apple’s on-board GPU also has Apple’s new internal graphics design inside of it.

This is a very important development because Apple is slowly but surely moving away from Imagination Technologies (OTCPK:IMGTY), which still holds about 15% of Apple’s iOS image-processing chips market. This will allow Apple to have its own in-house GPU, the first time that has happened since 2005.

If the high-end GPUs focused on technical features, Apple shifted slowly in another direction. It wants to focus more on power efficiency, and that’s why it decided to license all of Intel’s upcoming technologies instead of buying them outright. This decision explains how Intel is Apple’s default option, and it was only because of the extreme amount of effort Intel put into its CPUs.

Apple’s decision to focus more on efficiency and GPU speed is almost unprecedented for a company that went through its own “golden age” with insanely fast CPU and GPU performance. That must be music to the ears of Intel, so it will be able to speed up its data center business expansion.

Apple is unquestionably the leader in the mobile processor space. The company is working on a plethora of different innovations that in the future will make its devices more efficient. The first example is the new GPU. Apple is moving away from Creativity Technology, but that’s OK because in the GPU environment, Apple has in-house experience.

There are other initiatives too, and we haven’t even touched on the machine learning technology. If Apple can invest aggressively in the future, then its dominance in the mobile processor space should be irreversible. It’s difficult to build a competitive position in this industry, but Apple has proven that it has the resources and focus to do it.

Investors can expect to see Apple’s share prices continue to climb, especially with its new flagship devices that launch later this month. This, combined with the expansion in iPhone sales and the enormous potential in iPhone 8s and future versions of the iPhone, means that Apple is the second-largest company in the world behind only Amazon.

Are online casinos safe?

If you are a beginner or a seasoned player, there are many dangers involved with online casinos. In real life for example, it is one thing to lose money and another to lose it in a casino where you just know the odds of winning and the loses are random. But the worst part is that all the winnings will be taken from you too if you have not secured your private keys. The philosophy is to play wisely and make the most of your currency.

Online casino operators with a good reputation spare no efforts in safeguarding their players’ personal information, as they recognize that security is paramount in the industry. As such, they carry out all their transactions over connections that have military-grade encryption (128-bit).

Therefore, whenever you enter your credit card details, this information is automatically scrambled so that no one else can read what you’ve entered. As for the casino’s information database, the encryption ensures that only select individuals can access it, be it personal or financial information.

You also have a responsibility as a player to ensure your own safety when dealing with online casinos. You must never divulge your casino account username and password. You must also only deal with reputable operations, which use trustworthy software like Cryptologic, NetEnt, Microgaming, RealTime Gaming and Aristocrat.

As long as the casino is licensed by a recognized body, you should not have any problem with safety. Most licensing jurisdictions only award licenses after a casino has demonstrated its financial stability, with some even insisting on insurance or bonds being held to cover the balances of players. In fact, you’ll hardly ever hear of a victim of non-payment or fraud at a reputable online casino. And of course, this is as long as players abide by the casino rules.

Using a trustworthy gaming platform will provide a safe and enjoyable environment for you and your bankroll for your online casino experience.

Official statistics on money laundering and black market crime is not released by the industry, although some reports show that the number of players with serious income difficulties is greater than those who are not.

The UK Financial Conduct Authority released study in July 2015 that revealed that in four years, online gambling activity by children aged 11 or under had increased by 250%. That followed research by the Association of British Bookmakers which found that 72% of UK adults had personally experienced the experience of “losing heavily”, with more than half taking losses of over £100 per bet.

According to Seema Malhotra, who used to sit on the Treasury Select Committee and is now a Liberal Democrat MP, these findings suggest that children are being targeted by scammers “who promise these [unlicensed] online operators that they can make a fortune”.

Other research has also shown that the experience of gamblers can be corrupted by certain features. Jon Pope, who specialises in behavioural economics at the University of Warwick, said that he had seen more advertising for blackjack on gambling sites than on mainstream ones, even though blackjack is not a game commonly played by adults.

Performant, an industry-funded research and education initiative, says that “design features can have a particularly powerful influence on people’s behaviour” and that there is “an opportunity for operators to minimise the way in which these elements impact on how a gambler plays the game”.

Then there are the case studies of online casino blackjack games, such as a German teenager who had won thousands of pounds in an hour only for the site to accuse him of cheating when he had played the game like thousands of others had before him, only to cash out and go home with his winnings.

“The system is entirely too complex,” said Nick Haywood, a senior lecturer in financial studies at Leeds University and the co-author of “Good (Online) and Evil”, which examines online gambling. “There is always the possibility of becoming a thief in any high-stakes game. Yet the ambiguity of the system ensures that from time to time, something is still going to go wrong.”

The popularity of the online casino industry, of course, is also synonymous with the simplicity of moving in and out. While many users first become addicted to the content they are playing, they can then look to casino sites to make their money. With the advent of desktop and laptop computers and cheap broadband, some might feel more comfortable using their own computers to gamble, rather than having to spend their evenings in front of the TV.

“[Before online gaming] people would only go to the pub for football,” said Dr Robin Frobisher, a behavioural scientist at De Montfort University. “Online, they spend most of their time there.”

Last update on: 23. may, 2022