Real Money Roulette for Windows Phone

Roulette has been around since the 18th century, and the game is played the same way now that it was played then. There are several bets that can be placed while playing Roulette. Players can bet on a specific number, on a group of number, on whether the next number will be black or red, and several more bets. It is a very fun and exciting game. You can win a lot of money very quickly playing this game, but you can also lose money at a fast rate if you aren’t careful.

Online casinos use RNG (Random Number Generators) to determine the next number that will appear in a roulette game. You will be able to watch the will spin and the ball land on a number. This is the same concept that is used for mobile roulette games. You can now play real money roulette games on your Windows Phone or Windows Surface Tablet. This enables you to enjoy the game of roulette whenever, wherever.

Best Windows Phone Roulette Apps for US players

Since Windows Phones are so new to the market many mobile casinos have not yet had time to develop real money apps compatible with these phones. Luckily, Windows Phones use internet explorer as their browser which will give you many options when it comes to playing real money roulette games on your phone.

If an online casino offers a no download version of their software, it will more than likely load directly in your browser. You will not have to wait for apps to be developed to begin playing roulette games. You will find a lot of roulette apps for your Windows Phone if you search apps, but these are for play money roulette games. You will not be able to place real money bets or win real money with these apps.

SlotoCash Casino – You should look no further and just sign up with SlotoCash Casino to play Roulette with your Windows Phone. When the $1000 deposit bonus isn’t reason enough, you should click here and just take a look at the site. The design is top notch and their offered games for Windows Phone are excellent.

ClubWorld Casino – This must be one of the top choices for Windows Phone Roulette games for US players. They are in this game since 2005 and worked hard on the mobile versions of their casino. The result is really good and that’s why the ClubWorld Casino is making it into our list where we are very selective. Start playing Roulette now.

How does Windows Phone Roulette Work?

The game will load in your browser, and it will look just like the games that you play on your computer. The RNG (Random Number Generator) will select the winning numbers. This is a completely random process. There is no one controlling the random number generator. I have heard many players gripe about being cheated while playing roulette online. They think that someone is intentionally stopping their number from coming up, but this simply isn’t true. You have the same odds of winning while playing roulette on your phone as you do at a live casino.

You will just need to place your bets and tap on the spin button. Once you have tapped on the spin button you will not be able to place any more bets. You will watch the roulette wheel spin, and the number that the ball lands on will be the winning number. You will be paid according to the bets that you have placed if you have a winning bet.

Are Windows Phone Roulette Games Different from PC Games?

If you have ever played roulette online then you will have no problems adjusting to playing roulette on your Windows Phone. You will use your touch screen controls to place your bets. Once your bets have been placed you will tap on the spin button and watch the wheel spin to see if you have won.