Security when playing casino games with your smartphone

Security must be the first priority, and yet it is so seldom addressed. The fact is that online casino games don’t make sense when you’re cheated. Be it that a dubious casino simply runs off with your money or tries to fool you with bonuses. All this leads to the fact that one loses the joy at playing in online casinos.

Avoiding losses

The biggest and most important building block is to avoid “unfair” losses. Of course you will also lose money in a casino – in the long run this is even mandatory. However one must avoid all losses that are not mandatory. So for instance by avoiding a casino that manipulates the algorithm of its games. Or that refuses the payout for flimsy reasons.

When are casino winnings real money?

Often casinos deceive about the fact that the casino balance actually still has no value. After all, you can’t buy anything from the casino balance itself. Only when the money is paid out it is turning into real money. This concerns primarily bonus money that looks like real money, but basically has only virtual character.

By the way, this also applies to larger winnings. These are great and everyone is happy about them, but they are not yet paid out and have any value. Often there is the problem that with some payment methods you are not allowed to pay out more than you have deposited.

Games with bad RTP cost money

The RTP is the average percentage you get back as a player. In fair games, it is between 96% and 99% – depending on the game of course. In games like Blackjack, it is also the player’s ability. Blackjack, for example, can be played with almost 100% RTP, which means that you practically don’t lose (but don’t win) in the long run. However, if you don’t master a proper Blackjack strategy, the opposite is true and you can lose in virtually any game.

The RTP is very important for slot machines because it is not visible and can be very bad in theory. Online casinos usually keep a low profile on the true RTP. It is also important because you can wager a lot of money within a very short period of time.