Blackjack Android App by Brainium Studios Reviews and Experiences

Blackjack by Brainium Studios

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There are NO in-app transactions to get our casino game chips. To change your bet, tap the chips, and watch the magnificent, clean, and beautifully animated cards fly on the table. To win big, take advantage of advanced blackjack 21 techniques, such as splitting several times and doubling down. By monitoring the deck change animation, practice your card counting abilities. The chances of winning are, like all casino games, marginally in favor of the casino. The blackjack game is not intended to be ‘won’ but is instead a strategy and chance game, resulting in both wins and losses. The unfavorable hands are intended to make the following winning streaks even sweeter.

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13 thoughts on “Blackjack Android App by Brainium Studios Reviews and Experiences”

  1. I don’t enjoy playing Blackjack by Brainium Studios, and this version doesn’t either. Maybe they’ll fix it after they get paid. There is no thanks necessary.

  2. This Blackjack by Brainium Studios app makes fun of the “give me more free chips” ads in real life. Keeps you from really playing!

  3. This Blackjack App fails to run, it is only a matter of time before it crashes on me. So I had to re download it. And, they should pay me money for re downloading it. That’s right. You should pay me. Lol. You should consider it as a moolah for their apps.

  4. Dr. Gussie Beier III

    I’m seriously turned off by the ads in This Blackjack App. The ads interrupt play of several levels, and go on for several runs and by multiple hands. Don’t even get me started on the app. And every time I can see an ad, it takes me to a new update. Uninstalled before I didn’t realize the fact that the ads interrupt play and take time away. It’s alright to entertain me, but have a large disadvantage in terms of time.

  5. Hazle Greenfelder

    I have been playing with Blackjack by Brainium Studios for weeks and this is by far the best of them. Ads are not intrusive, just keeping up with chips amount. If you lose it, you can continue the game or change chips. No monthly money – 5 dollar challenge – and no cards for a nice touch.

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