Roulette Live! By Phonato Studios iOS App Experiences

Roulette Live!
By Phonato Studios

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The app has roulette tables in both America and Europe. Genuine casino sound and music style. Free chips for daily incentives. That Leaderboard. Complimentary coins every now and then.

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13 thoughts on “Roulette Live! By Phonato Studios iOS App Experiences”

  1. Prof. Leopoldo Bergstrom I

    I don’t enjoy playing Roulette Live by Phonato Studios which of course as developers it would make a great game.

  2. Prof. Liza Auer III

    This Roulette App is the best in the App store. The speed of the app is very good. Also, I enjoy playing it.

  3. Miss Kylie Rogahn

    This Roulette App fails to run and just stops every time you turn the wheel. It also kicks you out whenever you touch the menu and end in “good”. My app crashed on my iPad Air and my iPhone 6 plus every time I would stand on 3 on the roullette. The game doesn’t count any subsequent 12 hands and gives you a 12 for every 10 you get. Stole app! Delete the app.

  4. Miss Danika Schinner

    I’m not a mathematician, but I’d guess this is probably the only game in the world that doesn’t support better cards than what the table is offered to you. If you think that’s okay then you can stop playing, other than that it’s pretty cool!

  5. I have been playing with Roulette Live by Phonato Studios for quite some time now. It is an absolutely fantastic app! I am enjoying it very much! I really enjoyed playing it even more! I highly recommend this app! Thank you so much for such a great app. 🙂 Thank you.

  6. Prof. Layne Hackett II

    This Roulette App is the best Roulette for the iPhone! It allows me to go from one mobile version to another whenever I’m in need of a roulette fix. Plus, it has instructions on how to get a complete game set up, so if I’m gonna be taking my five minute lunch on a double-decker bus (and maybe in a church again), I’m picking the apps that go without interruptions. Good luck!

  7. Liliane Quigley

    I’m seriously turned off by the ads in This Roulette App. I understand they make money off the ads but it’s always ridiculous to show a 7 second ad for a game you didn’t buy. Play by the book and they’ll pay you for the ad. Not the case here.

  8. Mrs. Angie Kshlerin

    I’m playing Roulette Live by Phonato Studios for months and I’ve played for many, many years and if I’m in Vegas and I’m feeling happy I can download this app.

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