Roulette Casino Style Reviews and Experiences

Roulette Casino Style – Roulette just like Las Vegas!
By Rnf Technologies

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Play roulette on your iPhone/iPad in the actual casino environment of Las Vegas. No sound effects and graphics ever before. 5 different tables and 20 different betting types. Free bonus chips per day and bonus chips per week. Leader-panel. Nice casino-style sound and music to provide the ambience of the casino.

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11 thoughts on “Roulette Casino Style Reviews and Experiences”

  1. Prof. Joanne Stokes

    I’m seriously turned off by the ads in This Roulette App (though probably the only ad of all your apps, so far). If you’re not and like roulette, this app is great. Better than all the others.

  2. Mr. Otto Pouros

    This Roulette App fails to run on my Galaxy Tab. This particular game is a disaster. I found myself deleting the application, and deleting my Galaxy Tab 4. That was just in a day.

  3. I’m not a mathematician, but it’s fun to see how the computer stacked against you. Just a few quick hands wouldn’t really change anything. My only complaint is that the game is a bit slow. Most times it would take only a few seconds before the player gets an equal card or two. Still fun and great practice for the real thing.

  4. I have been playing with Roulette Casino Style for weeks and am ready for the next round. No matter what I play I always get the same thing. Dealer bust. Dealer beat. Dealer always wins. Waste of time and money!

  5. Freeda Weimann

    This Roulette Casino Style app makes fun for real casino black jack games, well presented! Great way to take your mind off

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