Blackjack – Vegas Casino 21 Card Game Review and Experiences

Blackjack – Vegas Casino 21 Card Game
by MobilityWare

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Learn to master the most famous card game found all over the globe in casinos. In this Blackjack app, you have the option to break, double down, and even take out insurance. Compete by working your way to the top of the Leaderboards with players around the world. For bonus chips, come back every few hours. Toggle on or off strategic tips to get real-time feedback while you play. “Insurance” and “Surrender” can be used to provide you with feedback about your game.

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22 thoughts on “Blackjack – Vegas Casino 21 Card Game Review and Experiences”

  1. Marjorie Zemlak Jr.

    This Blackjack by MobilityWare app makes fun and great work out of this even when you have no phone to hand you your phone after all the work you have done.

  2. Blackjack by MobilityWare is my really is a good game. There is no question that this is the best blackjack app on the sad bro could not stay up tonight. Go google it for something else!

  3. Nathanael Kling DDS

    I don’t enjoy playing Blackjack by MobilityWare’s rule set but I like to brush up my skills. Thanks a lot for trying out the above.

  4. I’m playing Vegas Casino 21 Card Game for months and the game looks great and works as advertised. It’s addicting

  5. Prof. Garfield Ferry DVM

    I have been playing with Blackjack by MobilityWare for weeks and the new version is amazing. It’s good to practice for the real thing.

  6. Mr. Gus Farrell

    That Blackjack by MobilityWare app is great game play. It’s a little confusing for some people because I can tell that I’m playing at a Blackjack table. This app allows you to track you winnings (plural) and loss (singular). It’s a fun way to practice Blackjack, and also makes you a better player.

  7. This Blackjack app is the best in the App store. It offers so much more than you have in most of the other games.

  8. Dr. Mason Monahan PhD

    Great app this Blackjack by MobilityWare can’t wait to pick it up so I can say it’s a great app and have it when I go to blackjack

  9. Bradley Quitzon

    I have been playing with Vegas Casino 21 Card Game for weeks and I find that the dealer is getting 21 when I can get 20. Not to mention that dealer gets 21 too frequently if I hit on 21 but don’t. It gives them their own and unofficial game and game cards.

  10. Prof. Karlee Krajcik IV

    I’m not a mathematician, but this seems to be happening often. But then again, what do I expect from a game that makes it seem that even with a 10% loss the dealer will get a 21 or push? The odds of that are pretty unrealistic. If it was real it would never win but then it’d be embarrassing. I’ve played for hours and this is ridiculous.

  11. I have been playing with Vegas Casino 21 Card Game for quite some time now and i have never come out ahead. This game is totally rigged to win you and will steal your money from you. DO NOT PLAY THESE STUPID VERSIONS OF IT. They have made this game completely stupid.

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