Roulette – Casino Style! Android App Reviews and Experiences

Roulette – Casino Style!
By Phonato Studios Gaming

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Enjoy the fun of playing the actual roulette without ever losing a penny with sound effects and graphics never before in the incredible Las Vegas theme. American & European tables – 20 different betting types. Free chips for daily incentives. 5 separate tables. Nice sound and music in casino style to offer the ambience of the casino. Leader-panel. Roulette for free.

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11 thoughts on “Roulette – Casino Style! Android App Reviews and Experiences”

  1. Ms. Karli Spencer

    I’m seriously turned off by the ads in This Roulette App! I’ve never seen them at a full table blackjack. Nowhere near more ads than this. I’ve had over 7.5 years of use, just spent 4 billion with no problems. I really want to give it a good review but this app just is too infuriating to be honest. Still a great fun app that offers a nice way to practice, as well as an objective way to do so. Great job!

  2. Dr. Nasir Crist

    I have been playing with Roulette – Casino Style for quite some time now. While this has all the advantages that the casino can offer, it has a lot of quirks. At first I thought that was just a bug because there was an increase in certain games just because I kept winning but then realized it was programmed in such a way that it left me craving the casino again. Now I understand why it’s called the casino. It just keeps on giving you more stuff to buy with real money. Anyway I have not had to pay real money for chips yet. And I think that I’m a pretty good player at it.

  3. Shannon Bahringer

    This Roulette App is the best in the App store. It helps me a lot to keep my mind balanced. Thanks for making this game.

  4. Michale Haley

    This Roulette App fails to run under the iOS Safari, similar to the tutorial, and fails to work the same as the CDIs app. It is fun to play but I am not able to get them to work.

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