Real Money Blackjack for iPhone

Online casinos are taking notice of the massive amounts of people using iPhones and iPads these days. A lot of online casinos have developed apps that are compatible with your iPhone and iPad. This means that you will be able to play real money blackjack games anytime, anywhere. You will just need an internet connection, and you will be ready to play.

The real money blackjack apps for your iPhone or iPad probably won’t be found in your iTunes store. If you search iTunes for an app you will find a lot of blackjack apps, but the majority of these are for play money blackjack games. If you are looking for a place that you can play real money blackjack games on your iPhone then you have come to the right place. We have a mini review of the best iPhone and iPad real money blackjack apps below.

Best iPhone Blackjack Game Apps for UK players

Blackjack is a widely popular casino game. Both online and land based casinos see a lot of action at the blackjack tables. Due to the wide popularity of the game this is one of the first games that mobile casinos developed an app for. You will find the best places to play real money blackjack games on your iPhone below.

888 Casino – 888 Casino is one of the leaders in the mobile gaming market at this time. They have developed a wide variety of apps for players to play real money games directly from their iPhones. 888 has a various blackjack games with their iOS app available for iPhone users. Once you download this app you will be able to play real money blackjack games directly on your iPhone anytime you have a few minutes to spare. If you have never played at 888 then you will receive a £88 free cash bonus and a 100% deposit bonus up to £100 when you sign up through this link.

LeoVegas Casino – LeoVegas may be pretty new on the market but they had a 100% mobile focus right from their star in 2012. And this is the result: top notch HTML5 gaming experience with a huge variety of games for all iOS devices. When you’re not only playing Blackjack and can enjoy some slot games too you can make use of their 50+200 free spins offer after signing up. My suggestion: convert the free spins to bonus money, play Blackjack with it and convert it to real money later. Click here to play Blackjack at its best with your iPhone!

Videoslots Casino – This is another young gun in the industry but what a gun it is. These guys win one award after another and even if their name sounds like a slot casino you can play top notch Blackjack games too with your iPhone. Click here to play Blackjack at its best with your iPhone!

How does iPhone Blackjack Work?

Many online and land based blackjack players are now moving some of their gaming action over to the mobile gaming environment, for all of their favourite low house edge and multi-stake blackjack games can now be accessed on an iPhone app!

If you have never played mobile blackjack games before on an iPhone You are going to be amazed at just how easy it is to play those games, for you simply tap your chips onto your betting box, click on the deal button and you will be then dealt out your hand.

You then can make all of your betting and playing decisions for each hand in the very same way, and in case you are wondering the house edge on all mobile blackjack games are just as low as the same online blackjack game variants, so you will never be making any compromises playing real money blackjack games on your iPhone!

Are Android iPhone Game Apps Different from PC Games?

Playing blackjack on your iPhone is a bit different than playing on your home computer. One of the main differences is the size of the screen you will be playing on. iPhones are much smaller than computer screens. The app developers take this into consideration when the app is being developed. They make sure that the cards are displayed largely so that players will be able to easily see the hands they are dealt. They also make sure that any control buttons are easily accessible.

The other main difference in playing blackjack on your iPhone verses your computer is the way your control your bets. You will need to use touch screen controls instead of a mouse. These touch screen controls are prominently displayed so that you can easily just tap the option you would like. You should have no problems playing blackjack on your iPhone. The developers of the apps have considered everything when developing these apps.

Best IPhone Blackjack Apps in the UK

Hitting 21 on a Blackjack game is one of the most exciting gambling experiences one can have. IPhone casino apps offer hundreds of games, so remember to review the different casino options we offer to choose the one that is more suitable to your needs. The following three apps are the most popular IPhone BlackJack real money apps 2020 in the UK:

  1. Jonny Jackpot
  2. Play Ojo Casino
  3. Kerching Casino

Play the very best Blackjack Games with your iPhone here:

Simple Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is one of the few casino games where, with the right strategy, you get very close to the point where you don’t lose any money in the long run. Casinos don’t like this, of course, but they can’t really prevent it. Although it is no longer useful to count cards, learning a simple strategy is.

Something that you can remember about Blackjack is to use every advantage you can get. This includes splitting and doubling, even with less good cards if the dealer shows a bad card.

Of course, you can stubbornly play according to a table and will certainly play optimally in the long run. However, you take some of the fun out of it. Blackjack should still be a pleasure at the end of the day, because real money can no longer be earned at least online and without tricks.

A card that you should remember is the 7 because this is the limit when it is not optimal to stand. If, for example, you have a total of 12 and the dealer has a 6, you should actually stand. But if you have 12 and the dealer a 7 you should take another card. The same applies if you have 13, 14, 15 and 16. However, if the dealer holds 7 or better, you must take another card here.

Likewise, the 7 is a limit when it comes to doubling. For example, if you have an ace with 4, 5, 6 or 7, you should double if the dealer has a 6. If the dealer holds a 7 or better then you should not double.

So you can say that you can play much more aggressively if the dealer holds a card between 2 and 6. If he shows a 7 or better, you have to take yourself back and don’t double anymore.

A split is possible if you have two identical cards, like 8 and 8. This tactic is more profitable than you think because you always have a small advantage over the dealer as long as he doesn’t hold a 7 or better.

If you have 88 or 99, a split is always recommended no matter what the dealer is holding. Interestingly, however, you should not split with two tens but stand, no matter what the dealer has. With two aces, however, always split.

If you memorize these things and have played a few times afterwards, you will notice that you don’t need a table at all and also don’t have to play stupidly according to rules. So you use your advantage and at the same time have fun with this wonderful game.

What makes a good Blackjack casino?

Nowadays you need a casino that doesn’t just offer simple RNG games, those Blackjack games where you just play against a computer. Today’s technology is far enough to bring Blackjack to the iPhone with live dealers. And that works so well. Provided you choose the right casino.

In the following we have listed all current Blackjack games of selected casinos. There you will see a distinction between Live and RNG and in which mode the game is offered: Landscape, Skyscraper or both. I.e. how do you have to hold your iPhone in order to play.

A good iPhone Blackjack casino offers as many high-quality games as possible. The choice must be as wide as possible and the minimum bet must also be right. It doesn’t help if a casino offers 20348 Blackjack games but one has to bet $5 everywhere. Very few players do that.

The casino must also have good support if you have any problems – which can happen. Then you should also try to get a good bonus that also applies to Blackjack – at least to a certain extent. This topic is quite difficult because casinos basically refuse to give out really good bonuses here. But it is also understandable, because such a bonus in combination with a very attractive games like Blackjack, usually means that the casino would have to make losses. That’s why you shouldn’t be angry if a casino has a great range of games to offer and everything runs smoothly on the iPhone, but in the end there’s no real bonus.

iOS Blackjack Apps 2019

You have to say one thing: Blackjack is a very popular game and there are many creative minds behind it to make it more and more attractive for iPhones. But they have one thing in common: gambling for real money is basically reserved for casinos and that’s a good thing. After all, you only want to play for real money in a casino that is licensed and 100% secure. Everything else is suicidal.

Apart from the real money Blackjack games there is however a whole set of Apps with always new features to trump:

  • Multiplayer Blackjack: Basically nothing else than what is played in all casinos worldwide. You sit at the table with other real players and compete against the dealer. You can chat and interact with others. Of course, these apps are more fun than playing alone or with computer players against the casino.
  • Blackjack Trainer: The purpose of such an app is to train you to become a good player. You learn the optimal strategy in a playful way and can then use it more easily at the real table.
  • Offline Blackjack: Yes, there is such a thing as well. Some people just want to play offline without any frills. This is also understandable because not everywhere you have Internet or want to consume your data volume. Offline Blackjack can also be played wonderfully against the computer.
  • Live Blackjack: Live means that a real dealer is behind it and you compete against him in real time. You can usually chat and interact with the dealer. Live Dealer Blackjack is a great invention that can only be played with real money. Somehow the costs have to be covered. Therefore, live blackjack apps are reserved for online casinos.
  • Card Counting Apps: There are also such apps in the meantime and they promise to give the player an advantage by counting cards. However this is nonsense, because if you use such an app in a brick & mortar casino you are immediately banned and online you have no advantage with card counting as the RNG is unbeatable or meanwhile too many card decks are used.
  • In-App Purchases and advertising: A tiresome topic but somehow the developers also want to earn money. Therefore in-App purchases or annoying advertisements are popular, which partly force you to watch certain advertising videos before you can continue playing. To prevent this you can play for free in a renowned online casino with play money – guaranteed without advertising.

The real deal: Live Dealer iPhone Blackjack

Casinos4Mob was created in 2012 and at that time it was anything but a matter of course to play simple RNG games like Blackjack with the iPhone. Some casinos only dared to play with play money, others had completely overslept the smartphone trend and were still deep in development. Other casinos such as LeoVegas recognized early on that this is the future and are 100% focused on the mobile gaming experience.

It’s been a few years now and a lot has actually happened. Among other things within the range of the live Dealer Casinos. Because these now also work perfectly with the iPhone. Live Dealer Blackjack is basically like a live broadcast from a real casino where you can play with the iPhone from anywhere. So it is not a boring computer game but has something of real casino feeling. And since live games also work on the iPhone, the demand for this variant is constantly increasing.

If you want to play live Blackjack with the iPhone today, only a casino that has understood the implementation of mobile casino games, as well as a good live dealer offer comes into question. An example of this is LeoVegas which offers an extremely wide range of Blackjack games as you can see above.

With Live Dealer Blackjack it is important to note that it can only be played with real money. It’s also logical, because it costs the casino money when a player sits at the table and is dealt real cards. So play money is not an issue. You should also check out the rules first, for example what the dealer does with a 17. You don’t need to get the idea to legally count cards in live Dealer Blackjack. That doesn’t work with the large number of decks you use. It is also common to exclude bonuses from live dealer games. This is also understandable, the costs for the casino are many times higher than with classic Blackjack.

FAQ about iPhone Blackjack

Is an app download necessary?

No, definitely not. Although many good online casinos also offer an iOS App, this is hardly different from the Web App – the application that opens when you simply visit the casino in your browser. Casinos are now optimizing for this version first because it works for all devices, no matter if iOS, Android or others. That’s why today you’re better off visiting the casino without an app. If you really want to have an icon on your home screen, you can also create a shortcut to the casino website and it looks like a real app.

Should I play with or without an app?

It depends. If you really only play Blackjack, you won’t have to download dozens of slots with the app. There are apps that don’t include games for now and only download the games when you use them. But there are also apps that install a lot of games and use your memory for games you don’t need. Especially if you only play one game or only a few variants, the web app version is actually sufficient and you don’t need your own app for it.

Are iPhone Blackjack games better than Android?

When mobile Blackjack was on the rise, there was a clear favorite with the iPhone. Android had quite a few quirks. That’s not the case today and it’s hard to tell a winner. Modern Android smartphones are technically absolutely equivalent to the iPhone. With the iPhone you will always have the advantage that the clientele is rated “higher” by developers and thus the focus of a casino is always on iOS. This makes iOS systems the standard and some developers like Netent optimize e.g. for Safari browsers and recommend the use of it.

Can I play iPhone Blackjack in the UK?

Yes, and there may not be any better market than the UK right now to play online Blackjack for real money. The UK market is highly regulated.

Can iPhone casinos be trusted on Casinos4Mob?

Our highest rule is to check the reliability of a casino. Nothing is worse than to recommend a casino that e.g. does not pay a larger win. All our casinos are very large and have been on the market for several years, sometimes even for two decades. Security at these casinos is our top priority.

In which countries can I play iPhone Blackjack with Paypal?

Paypal is not an option for online gambling in all countries. Currently there are the following countries where you can deposit with Paypal in casinos: Canada, UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Ireland and Portugal. This list is not exhaustive and smaller countries have been left out.

Are iPhone Blackjack Games Fair?

If you play in a reputable casino, yes. But you also have to distinguish between RNG and Live Dealer Blackjack. For example, RNGs must be controlled by a supervisor. If you choose a casino that is licensed in Malta and best of all in the UK, you can be sure to have the highest quality standard here. At live dealer casinos, it’s basically easier to cheat, so you should only play with major players such as 888 or LeoVegas who rely on Netent, Evolution Gaming and their own live dealer games.

What are the bonuses on iPhone Blackjack?

Bonuses are extremely difficult in Blackjack. This is due to the fact that with the optimal Blackjack strategy you have no disadvantage. The casino must also be able to make a living from something and therefore is not able to distribute big bonuses. That is why you will be able to meet a maximum of 10-15% of the wagering requirements at Blackjack tables.

Is iPhone Blackjack with Paysafecard possible?

Yes, Paysafe is still a popular payment method for casino beginners. Most casinos allow you to make a deposit with it.

Can you win real money at iPhone Blackjack?

Yes, of course. As long as you are playing in a reputable casino and not in some dubious app. There are a lot of them and you should be careful. Some of these Blackjack apps only exist to enrich the developers. In a licensed online casino like 888 you will not only be able to play free games, but also win real money that you can pay out.