Real Money Video Poker for Windows Phone

Video Poker has been a widely popular game since the first Draw Poker game was introduced in 1979. Since then many variations of the classic video poker game have been introduced. Now players can play Jacks or Better, 10s or Better, Deuces Wild, Jokers Wild, and many other variations of video poker games. The winning hand combinations vary depending upon the game you are playing.

Real money video poker games are not only popular at land based casinos, but at online casinos as well. Additionally, this is one of the few casino games that players have a slight edge on the house if they play it correctly. You can now play real money video poker games right on your Windows Phone or Surface Tablet. You will be able to bet and win real money right from your Windows mobile device.

One of the best casinos for Video Poker games is 888 – the world’s leading online casino with a brand new mobile casino. Check it out here!

Best Windows Phone Video Poker Apps for Canadian players

Windows Phones are fairly new to the market, hence very few mobile casinos have developed their (windows phones) apps. This however does not mean that you will not be able to play real money video poker games on your phone. Windows Phones and Surface Tablets use Internet Explorer as their browser.

Many online casinos offered no-download versions of their games long before mobile games were offered. These games can therefore be loaded directly on your browser; you can thus play them instantly. Internet Explorer has been one of the most popular internet browsers since the internet became popular. If you have a Windows Phone or Surface Tablet, you can load no-download versions of real money video poker games directly on your browser.

We have a short review of some of the best mobile casinos that will currently work with your Windows Phone. You will thus be able to play real money video poker games at these casinos directly on your browser.

LeoVegas Casino – This must be on top of the list as LeoVegas has spent the last few years improving their mobile gaming offering and the result is just awesome. We bet when you sign up there and find the right games to play, chances are that you won’t go anywhere else for the next couple of years. Click here to start at LeoVegas now.

Videoslots Casino – As the name suggests, this casino is focused on Videoslots and this includes Video Poker games. They are still pretty new in the industry but have already won numerous awards in 2015 and 2016. Players love them and they (VideoSlots Casino) work hard to satisfy them (players). This is a great choice for Canadian Windows Phone players like you. Click here to give them a shot!

How does Windows Phone Video Poker Work?

Windows Phone Video Poker works about the same way as video poker works at a land based casino or on your computer. You first need to choose the denomination of the bet you would like to place. Many sites offer denominations ranging from $.05 to $5.00. Once you have chosen the denomination of the amount you want to bet, choose the number of coins you would like to bet. Most video poker games allow you to bet up to 5 coins per hand.

We suggest that you play at a denomination that you can afford to bet the maximum amount of coins as most video poker games award a drastically increased prize if you hit a Royal Flush when betting the maximum coins.

Once you have set the denomination and number of coins you would like to bet, tap on the deal button. Five cards will be dealt to you; tap on the cards that you would like to keep. Then tap the deal button again and the cards that you discarded will be replaced with new ones. If you have a winning hand, then you win.

Are Windows Phone Video Poker Games Different from PC Games?

Playing Video Poker on your Windows Phone is very similar to playing on your computer. The only difference are the screen size and the way your control your betting. When playing on your computer, you control your bets with your mouse, while on the Windows Phone, you use touch screen controls. It’s very easy to adjust to playing video poker on your phone hence you should have no problems.

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