Live Casino Blackjack – Playing with real dealers

Live casino blackjack is one of the fastest-growing forms of the game. Developments in technology have only made the live casino a reality relatively recently. But despite this, many people are finding live casino blackjack to be their new favourite way to play card games.

But what are the differences between playing online blackjack games and heading to the live casino to try and reach 21 with the value of your cards? Read on for our ultimate guide.

Benefits of playing live casino blackjack

Online casino sites have long tried to find a way to replicate the social aspect of going to a casino. For many people, a night out at the casino with their friends is a great social occasion and this can be hard to compete with for online casinos. But this is where the live casino helps.

Playing live casino blackjack allows players to have that social aspect, while still remaining in their own homes. Users of live casino sites can chat to their fellow players at the blackjack table, as well as the live dealers who are there to keep the proceedings moving.

Of course, the live casino dealers are usually told to stick to the online casino’s own blackjack strategy. But for a lot of blackjack fans it is still preferable to have that human face involved at the blackjack table than to merely play against the computer. Live casino blackjack can also be one of the best ways to learn how to play the card game.

For anyone who does not live close to a casino, live casino blackjack is one of the best ways to replicate the experience of heading to a real-life casino. It is no wonder live casino blackjack has become so popular and this form of the game is likely to continue growing quickly in the future.

Disadvantages to playing live casino blackjack

Of course, while there are a lot of plus points to playing live casino blackjack, for some fans of the card game there will be some disadvantages to take into account as well. For one, playing blackjack for fun is not usually an option at the live casino. Instead, you will have to stake real money on your favourite casino classic, which at least gives you a chance to make a profit.

Betting limits could also be an issue for some high rollers who fancy a game of blackjack at the live casino. While some online casinos have VIP schemes with increased bet limits, others have relatively restricted amounts that can be bet on a single hand at the blackjack table.

Speed is another factor that has to be taken into account. When playing a blackjack game solo at the online casino, you can go at your own pace. But live casino blackjack means sometimes waiting for other players to make up their mind about whether they are going to stick or twist. Some players might find this to be frustrating, even if it does echo the real casino experience.

There is usually a limit on the number of players who can join a table as well, which means sometimes there is a wait to be able to play live casino blackjack.

Live casino blackjack – FAQs

What companies provide live casino blackjack games?

There are a few different companies that have developed live casino blackjack games. However, one of the biggest names in the field is Evolution Gaming. This company also specialises in making casino classics such as roulette available to play at online casinos.

Can I watch live blackjack at a casino site?

Anyone who has an account for a casino account can watch live blackjack games being played through the online casino. Take a seat at the live casino and check out the games being played. However, depending on the site you january not be able to see the cards of the other players.

Is live blackjack rigged?

Some cynical casino fans might be asking questions like ‘is live blackjack rigged?’ before deciding to play their favourite game at the live casino. But online casino sites are regulated carefully in order to make sure the results of all their online games are fair to the players.

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