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Roulette – Casino Style! Android App Reviews and Experiences
Roulette – Casino Style!
By Phonato Studios Gaming

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Enjoy the fun of playing the actual roulette without ever losing a penny with sound effects and graphics never before in the incredible Las Vegas theme. American & European tables – 20 different betting types. Free chips for daily incentives. 5 separate tables. Nice sound and music in casino style to offer the ambience of the casino. Leader-panel. Roulette for free.

11 thoughts on “Roulette – Casino Style! Android App Reviews and Experiences”

  1. Ms. Karli Spencer

    I’m seriously turned off by the ads in This Roulette App! I’ve never seen them at a full table blackjack. Nowhere near more ads than this. I’ve had over 7.5 years of use, just spent 4 billion with no problems. I really want to give it a good review but this app just is too infuriating to be honest. Still a great fun app that offers a nice way to practice, as well as an objective way to do so. Great job!

  2. Prof. Douglas Littel

    This Roulette – Casino Style app makes fun and realistic decision making.

  3. Dr. Nasir Crist

    I have been playing with Roulette – Casino Style for quite some time now. While this has all the advantages that the casino can offer, it has a lot of quirks. At first I thought that was just a bug because there was an increase in certain games just because I kept winning but then realized it was programmed in such a way that it left me craving the casino again. Now I understand why it’s called the casino. It just keeps on giving you more stuff to buy with real money. Anyway I have not had to pay real money for chips yet. And I think that I’m a pretty good player at it.

  4. Shannon Bahringer

    This Roulette App is the best in the App store. It helps me a lot to keep my mind balanced. Thanks for making this game.

  5. Michale Haley

    This Roulette App fails to run under the iOS Safari, similar to the tutorial, and fails to work the same as the CDIs app. It is fun to play but I am not able to get them to work.

  6. Mr. Jason Swaniawski

    Great app this Roulette – Casino Style game does go by real style it fits us best 🙂

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Roulette Royale – Free Casino Android App Experiences and Reviews
Roulette Royale – Free Casino
By Mywavia Studios

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Roulette Royale is a game that pays for simulation and NOT real money. To offer the feel of an online multiplayer roulette table, live bots play along. Shop for Ruleta virtual things to purchase. Both Android phones, tablets and tablets support HD Graphics (3d rendered) and make table bets easy to read & place. In this roulette game, Learnt’s approach does not guarantee success in real money gambling. Playing for free. Chips with Instant Bonus.

14 thoughts on “Roulette Royale – Free Casino Android App Experiences and Reviews”

  1. Dr. Jesse Kutch DDS

    I’m not a mathematician, but I’m pretty sure that I’m not winning any hands on here, it’s just plain wrong

  2. Richard Thompson

    Great app this Roulette Royale app has really helped me improve my skills with my favorite Blackjack game.

  3. Emerson Stroman

    Roulette Royale is my favourite game and this is a good way to take my mind off of the real roulette

  4. I have been playing with Roulette Royale for weeks & think it’s truly a great App & a great learning tool. The fun is real and the confidence is real.

  5. That Roulette Royale app is a lot of fun for those that enjoy this type of game. The overall picture is amazing for a roulette app. The feeling of playing is very addictive. I can start counting cards one-by-one. Pretty nice and simple app!

  6. I have been playing with Roulette Royale for quite some time now and I just want to see my results.

  7. Mr. Tyrell Abshire

    I’m seriously turned off by the ads in This Roulette App. It’s for free so they don’t get annoyed and give you more money. I have had ads pop up before playing about once every 6-7 hands and it has happened more than once before a game is over. Every time I have 2 decks the app starts playing a new card which just gets annoying. There should be a way to turn it off.

  8. I’m playing Roulette Royale for months and I love it. Really helps keep my mind. Like other reviewers has said, is a LOT of real money lost. But what am I losing?

  9. The ads at Roulette Royale are too annoying. What else would you expect from a casino app?

  10. Roulette Royale is fun, easy to play, but not good when you have a very loose net poker player pulling my money at random. It seems like the dealer wins more than half the time, the game spins like it’s supposed to play, but instead of be interesting, it is as if the game was programmed to beat you as fast as possible. It’s a little frustrating when it pushes you or blows 20 on you multiple times or at a large table. There should be no statistical advantage as one would expect from the real casino. The players should have an actual shot at winning or at least at not losing the hand as often as they do. Its sad.

  11. Nils Nikolaus MD

    This Roulette App fails to run well on my android. I have a 2G antenna and its that the app does not allow me to tether to my phone and either install a different app or try to select the new version.

  12. Krystal Spinka

    That Roulette Royale app is great, just wish I could play with others! I can’t wait to play again with others!

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Roulette Casino Vegas: Lucky Roulette Wheel App Experiences
Roulette Casino Vegas: Lucky Roulette Wheel
By Inlogic Casino

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Enjoy Casino Table Games and be a part of roulette and experience the atmosphere of Las Vegas where everything is possible. Play and use our simple controls with nice tables. Play the simulator in Europe and America with plenty of free bonus chips. Ready for Offline mode. Have your personal statistics monitored. Spin the Cassino wheel and win various prizes. Simple controls in which to play. Different strategies and tactics to choose from. Different poker games to enjoy. Ruleta is completely free of charge for these gambling games. Come every day to improve your odds of winning and enjoying the incredible pleasure of real casino roulette games in our cassino. These games can be played and used fully free of charge.

12 thoughts on “Roulette Casino Vegas: Lucky Roulette Wheel App Experiences”

  1. Mr. Buddy Koss

    I’m not a mathematician, but it seems that after three hands the house wins more often than not.

  2. Kamille Effertz

    That Roulette Casino Vegas app is a lot of fun but like any app you’ll probably not win more often than you loose.

  3. Prof. Manley Johnson

    The ads at Roulette Casino Vegas are too annoying to be a cool game but they still make you click and play even though you can’t.

  4. Roulette Casino Vegas is a great app that keeps you entertained and keeps your winnings in a bank account. I like the notion that there is a maximum of ten spins per hand, and that when you run out of chips you have to buy, or wait, more.

  5. Prof. Adolphus O'Conner

    I have been playing with Roulette Casino Vegas for weeks and it is great for practice and gambling in a loud or stressful place.

  6. I’m playing Roulette Casino Vegas for months and never have I lost all of the cash (like $1000). So basically every time I bet my initial amount, i lose it, and when i hit if my initial amount, and then stand on it, the ball just NEVER drops. So basically you lose to them always!

  7. Raymond Legros

    This Roulette App is the best in the casino game i have ever played so easy and nice game

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Blackjack Android App by Tripledot Studios Experiences and Reviews
Blackjack by Tripledot Studios

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This casino classic in Las Vegas challenges you to try to get as close as possible to 21 to claim the jackpot. Bet big to win big, or play a long game and show that the dealer can be beaten. You can play this classic casino game just for fun with no real money at risk! In no time, you will be winning. This game is fair and enjoyable because of free chips, no registration, and random cards. Optimized to suit your computer, phone and tablet. Customize your game with rules, decks and tables that can be personalized . No risks, just play this friendly, offline and totally risk-free timeless table game. No check-in, no harm, no attacks, and free chips. Playing for free.

10 thoughts on “Blackjack Android App by Tripledot Studios Experiences and Reviews”

  1. Wyman Dickinson Jr.

    This Blackjack App is the best one out there. Good tips, fun, educational. Love the piano, full screen music, and game modes. It just makes it better and all.

  2. Rhiannon Schamberger IV

    This Blackjack App! What can I say?!! I love it! It’s really entertaining and also helps me a lot to prepare for an exciting occasion!

  3. Gregorio Gutkowski

    That Blackjack by Tripledot Studios app is great and entertaining. The sound effects on this app are very pleasing.

  4. I’m playing Blackjack by Tripledot Studios for months and I’ve never seen the dealer get so many 21s and 21s out of pure luck. If you’re getting tired of this game, don’t download.

  5. Ms. Lexi Spinka Sr.

    I have been playing with Blackjack by Tripledot Studios for quite some time now but I only started learning how to play this version last week. I can make it as good as I want! It does seem like it’s my last chance.

  6. I don’t enjoy playing Blackjack by Tripledot Studios, I have seen advertisements for a company called Random Choice. They make their money off of you making purchases. Get back to school when you get back to school.

  7. Blackjack by Tripledot Studios is a great app that’s realistic. The game rules are really nice and easy to play without needing to spend money.

  8. Miss Araceli Kassulke II

    Blackjack by Tripledot Studios is fun, easy to play. I think that this is a very great design. Love the color/addition of added text/linen color options. The nice addition of hit/hold buttons is very helpful. The solid play comes from the ability to double (double) the initial bet, i.e. 1st player 1st double bet. So the player would split the amount bet up. Very fun.

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Blackjack Android App by Brainium Studios Reviews and Experiences
Blackjack by Brainium Studios

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There are NO in-app transactions to get our casino game chips. To change your bet, tap the chips, and watch the magnificent, clean, and beautifully animated cards fly on the table. To win big, take advantage of advanced blackjack 21 techniques, such as splitting several times and doubling down. By monitoring the deck change animation, practice your card counting abilities. The chances of winning are, like all casino games, marginally in favor of the casino. The blackjack game is not intended to be ‘won’ but is instead a strategy and chance game, resulting in both wins and losses. The unfavorable hands are intended to make the following winning streaks even sweeter.

13 thoughts on “Blackjack Android App by Brainium Studios Reviews and Experiences”

  1. I don’t enjoy playing Blackjack by Brainium Studios, and this version doesn’t either. Maybe they’ll fix it after they get paid. There is no thanks necessary.

  2. This Blackjack by Brainium Studios app makes fun of the “give me more free chips” ads in real life. Keeps you from really playing!

  3. Miss Golda Keeling

    I’m not a mathematician, but I think that there’s a statistical impossibility.

  4. Anabelle Gibson

    This Blackjack App is the best in the App store and have a bunch of advice on how to play!

  5. This Blackjack App fails to run, it is only a matter of time before it crashes on me. So I had to re download it. And, they should pay me money for re downloading it. That’s right. You should pay me. Lol. You should consider it as a moolah for their apps.

  6. Dejah Dickinson

    Blackjack by Brainium Studios is a great app that I would like to use and review further.

  7. Dr. Gussie Beier III

    I’m seriously turned off by the ads in This Blackjack App. The ads interrupt play of several levels, and go on for several runs and by multiple hands. Don’t even get me started on the app. And every time I can see an ad, it takes me to a new update. Uninstalled before I didn’t realize the fact that the ads interrupt play and take time away. It’s alright to entertain me, but have a large disadvantage in terms of time.

  8. Hazle Greenfelder

    I have been playing with Blackjack by Brainium Studios for weeks and this is by far the best of them. Ads are not intrusive, just keeping up with chips amount. If you lose it, you can continue the game or change chips. No monthly money – 5 dollar challenge – and no cards for a nice touch.

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Blackjack! Android App by Super Lucky Casino Experiences and Reviews
By Super Lucky Casino

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Play Online or Offline LIVE tournaments! Authentic free Android Blackjack Games – Blackjack 21 FREE can’t be beat! Play TODAY’s best Blackjack Twentyone card game! This free application for blackjack games is intended for adult audiences and does not provide gaming for real money.

11 thoughts on “Blackjack! Android App by Super Lucky Casino Experiences and Reviews”

  1. Mathilde Bahringer IV

    I have been playing with Blackjack by Super Lucky Casino for weeks and I think this app has pretty much set up the realistic table betting and betting strategy. It teaches you how to play with the card count and is excellent for playing split deals.

  2. This Blackjack App is the best in the App store. I wish it had basic rules like like ‘knock out and then go for it’ to help beginners learn the mechanics of blackjack. But all in all, very realistic.

  3. Miss Glenda Auer DDS

    I have been playing with Blackjack by Super Lucky Casino for quite some time now. And I think I’ve found a winner. Wish me luck!

  4. I don’t enjoy playing Blackjack by Super Lucky Casino, but I enjoy this app well enough to not listen to every casino ad.

  5. Jeanie Sawayn II

    This Blackjack App is really fun to play, but wish the dealer doesn’t have a better hand at the end of the hand. I lose about 90% of the time even when I hit 19.

  6. Glennie Carroll DDS

    This Blackjack App is the best for those who want to play. The game is also very fun, and gives you lots of advice. The only issue I have is that the computer-generated blackjack is not based on the mathematical properties of the cards. For instance, the computer chooses what it calls the “Q-Factor” for the ace on 9, the dealer has the same choice but chooses the other number. The outcome of a higher number winning is not as expected as you might expect, but there’s no way it will happen by chance. Please fix this, otherwise this is the best one out there.

  7. Dr. Soledad Schamberger

    I’m not a mathematician, but I’d say that this is a bit too much like a casino. Don’t know where it actually got the bj concept, but I’ve played this blackjack with a dealer as well. A list of 20 or 21 seems to be less than a show to me. Not only do the dealer get 20’s at a similar rate to me, but they also tend to win against my 22-6. I have 5 cards that I draw, that get 21s, you have 15.

  8. Dr. Brennon Ortiz

    That Blackjack by Super Lucky Casino app is a lot of fun, I wish I could play that often, I don’t know how. I wish they made it more realistic, but that’s not the reason to get this app. Their Blackjack app is just a game for money. For that reason alone I will not be a super lucky blackjack casino.

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