Roulette is one of the oldest casino games in the world. It has been played the same way for hundreds of years. We know for sure that it was being played the same way as it is played today in 1796 in Paris. The popularity of roulette does not stop with land based casinos. It is one of the most popular online casino games.

Casinos creating apps for mobile phones considered their most popular games first. Most casinos have individual apps for individual games so that players do not have to download a bulky app to their phone. Of course, players can download as many apps from the same casino as they want so that they can play a variety of games. Android is the most popular smart phone and tablet platform in the world. A wide variety of roulette apps have been developed that are compatible with Android phones and tablets. Android owners will have no problems finding real money roulette apps for their phones or tablets.

Best Android Roulette Apps

If you are looking for a real money roulette app for your Android phone or tablet, then we can help you out. We have chosen the best real money Android roulette apps available. These apps are from reputable casinos. You will find a lot of roulette apps in your play store, but these are mostly for play money roulette. If you want to bet and win real money at roulette on your Android then choose one of the casinos below.

888 Casino – 888 Casino Mobile has a variety of mobile roulette games available. Android users can quickly download an American Roulette App, European Roulette App, or French Roulette App. This site has the largest variety of roulette games available for your Android phone or tablet currently. You can receive up to $400 free at 888 Casino by signing up through our site. Once you have signed up through this link you can download the app, log in, and begin playing roulette anytime.

Spin Palace Casino – You will be able to download a European Roulette App for you Android phone or tablet at Spin Palace Casino. This is a real money app that will enable you to play roulette games anytime you have a couple of free minutes and an active internet connection. If you already have an account at Spin Palace Casino then you can download the roulette app and begin playing right away. If you are a new player then you will need to sign up an account. You will be eligible for a 100% deposit bonus up to $150 if you are new to Spin Palace Casino and use this link to register.

How does Roulette on Android Work?

Roulette on Android works very much the same as playing roulette on your computer. You will place your bets and tap on the spin button to spin the reels. There are many different bets that can be made while playing roulette. You can bet on specific numbers, on a group of numbers, on the color of the ball, and more.

Roulette games on the internet and on your mobile device use RNG (Random Number Generators) to determine the winning numbers. You will be able to watch the wheel spin much like with live roulette. When the wheel stops the winning number will be displayed. If you have won then you will be paid immediately, and the betting round starts again.

Are Android Roulette Games Different from PC Games?

As we mentioned earlier, roulette games on the computer and roulette games on your Android phone or tablet are pretty much the same. There are a few small differences that no way affect the game play. The main difference is the way you place bets and control spins. This is all done with your mouse when you are playing on your computer. Of course, you do not have a mouse with your Android phone or tablet. You will use your touch screen controls to bet and spin the wheel.

You will just tap the screen to do this. The roulette apps for your Android phone prominently display the betting options and how to place your bets. You will have no problems playing roulette on your Android phone. This game is very fun and quiet addictive.